4 Ways Valo Connect is Enhancing the Employee Experience in Microsoft Teams for Prica Global Enterprises Inc.

Employee Experience in Microsoft Teams

In the last year, Prica Global Enterprises Inc. witnessed a huge adoption of Microsoft Teams and a subsequent paradigm shift in work. The corporation, which has more than 50 construction and property management companies under one umbrella, quickly realised that most of their employees were now spending all their working days in Teams.

This presented a challenge for the company. How could they provide the best employee experience inside Microsoft Teams and continue to reach their employees with everyday comms without interrupting their flow? The answer was simple – by integrating their intranet inside Teams using Valo Connect.

But that’s not all Valo Connect has enabled them to do. Read on to find out how the employee experience tool not only brought their intranet inside Teams, but it also connected third party apps such as Zendesk and HR tool ADP into the platform too, further enhancing the employee experience.

I wanted to display everything in Microsoft Teams because that’s the best employee experience right now.

How Valo Connect is enhancing the employee experience in Microsoft Teams

1. Intranet inside Teams

Using Valo Connect 2.0, Prica Global moved their intranet ‘Synergy’ into Teams.

Employee Experience in Microsoft Teams
Prica Global have moved their intranet ‘Synergy’ into Microsoft Teams using Valo Connect 2.0.

Their intranet homepage in Teams now has all the most useful information on it, including:

  • A corporate glossary
  • Document libraries
  • People Directory
  • SharePoint lists

Having their intranet inside teams means Prica Global’s employees no longer have to navigate away from the platform they are working in to access news, important information and documents. This has helped to improve their productivity, says Vlad.

2. Personalized workspaces in Teams

Prica Global also brought their workspaces into Teams. These are displayed as a comms or hub site in the context of both the logged in user, and in the People Directory.

Personalized workplaces improves the employee experience inside Teams
Valo Connect’s personalized workspaces have improved the employee experience inside Microsoft Teams.

The customizable workspaces inside Teams have been vital for enabling group-wide collaboration, says Vlad.

With Valo Connect’s “Connect Me” tool individual users can even personalize their own front page or the hub site. They can tailor the information they’re shown based on their job, role and department.

Collaboration workspaces for our projects have been personalized with widgets. Using Valo Connect you can basically embed everything you need that’s important for your profile in Microsoft Teams. I think it’s awesome.

3. Power BI + other Microsoft 365 tools inside Teams

At the beginning of deploying Teams Vlad says some parts of Microsoft 365 were not being used, such as Word and Excel. However, that’s all changed since using Valo Connect. Now they’re even using Power BI reports and themes within the platform.

4. Third party apps inside Teams

Another productivity hack is that Prica Global has been able to install and embed a range of third-party apps inside Teams. Vlad has installed Zendesk as for their ticketing system, they’re using ADP for their HR teams and they have even installed some ADP bots inside Teams as well.

We are improving productivity with Valo Connect, because our employees are not going from one application to another to grab the data they need. Everything is on one platform. They don’t need to search for it.

Valo Connect is easy to deploy, simple to use

Installing Valo Connect and deploying its features is very simple and easy to do with the help of Valo’s Premium Partner Creospark, says Vlad.

In fact, the digital workplace tool is so simple and straight-forward to use that even non-IT employees can customize their department pages without the help of IT.

I have department managers setting up Valo Connect on their own. They’re not reaching out to the IT department every time they want to change something on the Valo Connect site. They can do it by themselves.

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