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Valo Delve Blogs is now available on the Office Store! Valo Delve Blogs brings the most recent Delve blog entries across your organization to your intranet. Just download the app, follow the simple instructions, and stay up-to-date!

I’m sure you’ve already noticed that Office 365 Delve has a great new blogging tool that makes it easy for anyone in your company to start publishing content. But how to keep track of the blog entries your colleagues have written and published?

Valo Delve Blogs is an app that displays the most recent Delve blog entries within your Office 365 tenant. Download a free trial version from the Office Store or by clicking below.

Download from the Office Store

The App consists of 1) an App Web default page which shows top 100 blog posts from the tenant ordered by published date, and 2) an app part. For the app part, you can define how many posts are shown and if we want to show SharePoint default styles on app.

Delve Blogs
You can add the Delve Blogs app part anywhere in your Intranet.

This document walks you through the installation and configuration process, when purchased from Office 365 Store. (If you have purchased it from us directly, we have probably already installed it.)

Installation and Configuration

Note: You have to be a tenant admin in order to perform the installation procedure.

  1. Install the app into the app catalog
  2. Add the app into the site (the app web is created in the background)
  3. Add the app part onto any SharePoint page
  4. Start blogging

In the app part properties, you can choose how many blog entries are displayed, and whether you want to use SharePoint styles or not.

Delve Blogs app web default page.


Whenever someone in your organization publishes a new blog entry in Delve (learn how to get started with Delve blogging by clicking here), this entry will be listed by Valo Delve Blogs. If new blog entries are not displayed immediately, don’t panic; Depending on the search indexing interval, there might be a delay of some minutes until new blog entries become visible.

Delve blogs app part.
Delve blogs app part.

Download the app, try it free!

Get your own Valo Delve Blogs app on the Office Store by clicking here or below

Download from the Office Store

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