How to do external users’ VIP Access Management in SharePoint

Valo Entrance access management tool for SharePoint

It’s a big dilemma: if your organization collaborates with different types of vendors, resellers, and independent external professionals, they need permissions to work with some of your files and data.  But, you don’t want to give them full access to everything! How do you do access management in SharePoint and give access only to the relevant resources and then withdraw permission easily and instantly when the project is finished?

You might work in a consultancy business and have hundreds of customers to do projects with. Or you rely heavily on a partner network selling your services (like us here in Valo!).

Working closely with a versatile network of external stakeholders, and keeping them close by sharing information with them, is important.

But, these files and information are often business-critical and you don’t want them to be available for everyone. You need to consider carefully where your resources are located, and how they can be accessed safely. And preferably with not that much extra work!

Having the files available is easy, managing the external accesses is not

Microsoft tools like SharePoint and Teams are handy for information storing and sharing purposes, internally. However, access management to external users is rather cumbersome. Each user must be invited individually and directly from SharePoint or in bulks from Azure AD by using a very generic invitation template. You also need to make sure the users know which account they will be using. Is it a private one or organization/school account?

Sharing resources for external users
Valo comes to the rescue with a real solution that makes managing user access, even in bulks, effortless!

After you have the correct user rights in place, many of the invited users don’t find their way back after the first login! So, the challenge is real! Especially if your organization has hundreds of external emails and domains to handle.

Make the external user access management in SharePoint easy with Valo Entrance

As a Microsoft 365 Administrator, Valo Entrance answers your need to manage external users effectively, easily, and with unprecedented agility. Valo Entrance helps you securely take control of the invitation and of the access process for all your external users.

With Valo Entrance, it takes only a few easy steps to add external users to your Valo Extranet or your out-of-the-box SharePoint environment. Built as a SharePoint site, your administrators, project managers or other chosen users can connect external users with specific, internal content using Access Units. You can grant the permissions for individual email addresses or entire email domains.

Valo Entrances Admin Dashboard with Access units
Use Access Units to permit access to your different resources for different needs.

There’s no need to make sure you have invited all the required people to join your chosen portal. Valo Entrance is all about a very simple self-registration! After the registration, the users have instant access to the selected resources.

Valo Entrance Registration and Log in Portal
Yor external user can register and log in to your resources using the same URL.

Valo Entrance, your doorman to take care of the important accesses, takes care of the rest and you can spend the time to build and maintain partnerships with your most important stakeholders.

Could it be simpler? We don’t think so either!


Valo Entrance launch event access management in SharePoint

Virtual Launch events on Nov 19th!

The live launch event will be broadcasted in three different time zones on November 19, 2020, to serve our global audience. You can choose from 1 PM AEDT (Canberra, Melbourne), 14:00 CET (Berlin, Paris) or 2 PM EST (Montreal, New York) when registering for the event.

These launches are to anyone who has to work with external users and their access to certain data, such as Project Managers, SharePoint / Office 365 Administrators, Global IT Admins, and Security Officers (CSOs). 💛


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