#ValoFest Taught us How to Humanize the Digital Workplace.

Valo Fest a touch of Love

With most workplaces having gone digital or hybrid, it is no secret that these new ways of working are here to stay. Although there have been several benefits linked to remote working, we cannot deny the impact of in-person connectivity. Some of which include, grabbing a coffee with a colleague during the break, or brainstorming great ideas at arm’s length of one another, and of course, grabbing a drink during after-hours. Missing the feeling of being together physically is inevitable, but thankfully that’s where this year’s #ValoFest takes its course.

On April 21st, #ValoFest 2021 took place online separately in three different regions; APAC, EMEA, and Americas, and brought together remote workers all under the same digital roof. Attendees not only got to learn about Valo, and its modern workday products but also had the chance to experience an inspiring virtual event like no other. We came equipped in presenting a smooth, well-thought-out conference. While incorporating international world-class speakers who brought new behavioral approaches, techniques, and methods, your digital workplace was not only transformed, it was given a whole new meaning! If you were one of the lucky ones who tuned in, then you know what I’m talking about.. But in case you missed it, here’s a little recap of it all.

World class inspirational Keynotes

Valo Fest 2021 (Three Keynotes) Banner
Valo Fest 2021, Keynote Speakers in each region

Each region kicked off the event with an array of inspirational keynote speakers that allowed attendees to reflect and plan out their own digital workplace strategies. In EMEA, Ilkka Halava a Futurist, Foresight Coach, and TEDx speaker shed a light on the fast decade of work and trends related to which direction the digital workplace was heading. Brendan Maher, facilitator at Leading Teams led his session in APAC by “Empowering high-performing teams and leaders by facilitating cultural change” and providing tips needed to bring distributed teams together. In NA, we were enlightened by David Burkus. One of the world’s leading business thinkers, bestselling authors, and experts on helping leaders and teams do their best work ever.

David’s session “Leading from anywhere” was a breath of fresh air with a new innovative perspective on not only how to drive a team forward remotely, but also how to make it thrive. His research concluded that there were three main things that allowed a distributed workforce to prosper and those were; shared understanding, shared identity, and psychological safety. He then went on to further discuss and explain these along with providing suggestions of new tactics to incorporate within our work environments to allow our own teams to flourish. (Our favorite was his idea around having Taco Thursdays once a month with your co-workers. Who doesn’t love Tacos?)

They were all stellar performances and made attendees reflect and re-evaluate the way they work. Here’s a sneak peek of David’s session but if you’re thirsty for more, sign up to www.valofest.com. We’re providing all registries with all the recordings from each region in the upcoming days.

Sessions that allow you to make the digital shift!

It’s no question that digital is a new way of moving forward. With all these changes of ways of working growing at a  rapid speed, it’s only normal that employees and corporations can feel lost within all these changes. We had speakers on a global scale provide a light at the end of the tunnel for the future of work providing us with solutions and fun tactics to adjust to this new digital era.

Up and coming trends around the topic of hybrid work were touched based upon during APAC’s panel discussion featuring Mark Kashman (Senior Product Manager, Microsoft), Kirsty McGrath (Microsoft MVP, Adoption Consultant & Office 365 Ninja), Sharon Connolly (Change Communication Lead at AMP) and Megan Strant (Microsoft MVP, M365 User Experience & Strategy Consultant). Expanding your network used to be as easy as going for a coffee or a beer with a new client but how do we gain a following online? International Bestselling Author, Global Speaker, and LinkedIn Expert Adam Houlahan provided us that information and more with his LinkedIn strategies for entrepreneurs session.

Along with some tech talks, we also had some sessions that really made you think, feel and act on the way you do work remotely. In EMEA Al Lee-Bourke emphasized that value is only realized when people change the way they work. While in NA we had great sessions by Scott Berkun who clarified the importance of innovative teams. We learned how to shift our company cultures online by CultureShift HR founder Alysha M. Campbell and through it all, we were able to find gratitude in our every day workday with the help of Ryan Fehr’s session, an associate professor at the University of Washington.

Really, all you needed to feel refreshed, motivated, and inspired with the new ways of working from anywhere, you were able to find the ressources you needed during #ValoFest

A Touch of Valo Love

What is a Valo Fest without a little touch of #ValoLove? Each event provided breaks in between sessions allowing attendees to learn more about the world-renown and award-winning products that facilitate digital workplace with Valo Solutions. Listeners were introduced to Valo Intranet, Valo Connect, Valo Teamwork, Valo Ideas, Valo Entrance, and Valo Extranet and in some regions even had an opportunity to see a full demo.
The Valo Team welcomed the attendees thereafter to learn more about the products by reaching out to them personally with options of getting a personal tour of all of the digital workplace solutions.

It doesn’t end there…

When it comes down to it, Valo provides you with the tools you need to fall in love with your digital workplace but through events such as #ValoFest, this conference educated and enlightens you to enjoy what you do with the people who matter most when it comes to your business and its success.

At Valo, we provide more than just digital workplace solutions. We provide a platform that allows your distributed team, feel like they’re together. We bring coworkers and colleagues worldwide under one digital roof and allow them to feel united by simplifying and organizing their digital workplace.

Valo Fest, because life is hard as it is, your digital workplace doesnt have to be.

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