Valo Fest Keynote Karin Zingmark: How to Lead and Communicate In A Connected World Of Work

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Times are changing, and change is coming fast. The past few months have been overwhelming for most of us, and as things slowly get back to normal we must question what that new normal will be? We have been forced to find new ways to collaborate as well as to find solutions in challenging times. But, going back to the way things were is simply not an option says our Valo Fest keynote speaker Karin Zingmark. So where are we heading now?

According to the former Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft in Sweden, today, when we work from our homes, it has become clearer than ever that communication is the key.

Communication is the key to customer success, to seamless collaboration and to strong teams. It is also clear that the time when management could delegate communication to a specific communications department, that packaged and distributed the company’s message to the outside world, has long passed.

Businesses must become fully communicative

Karin says that today’s businesses must become fully communicative by listening, analyzing the outside world, taking on customer insights and pushing for change in an ongoing dialogue with both co-workers, customers and the society they are a part of.

She believes that driving continuous change through a transparent dialogue is needed to stay relevant. And that demands on companies to drive that change has escalated even more through the pandemic we are going through.

Karin Zingmark on stage.

How to embrace change

But she reflects that change often raises fears and concerns. Most of us say we like change, but we only like it when we decide what to change, when to change it and how that change will be carried out, she says.

However, for many that is seldom the case. We are often presented with a change of some sort that we simply have to accept, whether it is a reorganization, a new product line or a new boss.

There are a lot of things needed to make the organization brave, and to make people want to be a part of change even though they haven’t initiated it.

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