Valo minor release 1.15.1 out – now Valo is available also in Russian and Estonian

Valo Intranet is now available in Russian

End of March 2018 Valo published a major new release, 1.15 Sundog. The Sundog brought Valo a completely new UI style Candela and a bunch of other new features, such as World Clock and Megamenu. Since that, Valo Team has been working on an update release 1.15.1, which again contains improvements and corrections requested by our customers and partners.

Now the minor release 1.15.1 is out! Here’s the TOP 3 picks from the release.

Russian and Estonian languages included in Valo Intranet and Teamwork

Two new language options have been added to Valo Intranet and Teamwork – Russian and Estonian. Valo customers having operations on Baltics region and Russia will surely value that. In addition, French language support is now added to cover also Valo Idea Management.

Valo Intranet is now available in Russian

You asked it, we delivered it – no more authentication popups in Teamwork

Authentication popup is no longer displayed to the user when loading the teamwork front page (on all other browsers than Safari). The authentication method applied in the earlier versions of the Teamwork product required that a popup was displayed in the authentication phase. We listened to the feedback about the issue from our customers and changed it in Valo release 1.15.1.

Usability improvements in Teamwork and Megamenu

In Teamwork, the release brings the possibility to use preconfigured prefixes and suffixes in group naming and blocking banned words in group names. Teamwork usability improvements include allowing description fields to be added to the Teamwork Group order list fields to give users more information on the purpose of the field, and making group privacy default settings behave more consistently. In addition, configuration options of Teamwork are increased by giving the administrator option to hide unnecessary buttons and tabs from the Teamwork view (hiding ‘New Group’ button and ‘Groups’, ‘Discussions’, ‘Documents’, ‘Discover’ tabs).

The Megamenu element introduced in the 1.15 Sundog release has been improved as well by making the opening and closing delay of the megamenu configurable.

.. and even more!

This release brings also many other improvements and error corrections. Valo partners and customers can see the detailed listing of the release contents in the release notes, which are delivered in the Valo partner portal.


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