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Online… On-Premises… Which one is right for me? Which one will fulfill all my business requirements? Should I expect feature parity between my Online environment and my On-Premises environment? Well… A lot of customers are wondering the right choice and we think that having the choice is a great thing, especially in the SharePoint space! And what about mixing both?

Having the power and performance of the On-Premises environment with all the possibilities in terms of customizations, governance and management but at the same time leveraging all the innovations of the cloud. As discussed in our latest Valo Cast with Vlad Catrinescu, Hybrid SharePoint is not only a temporary state between On-Premises and Online, but a permanent state letting you benefit from the best of both worlds!

Deployment options

At Valo, we want you to live where you feel at home. If you want your intranet to run in the cloud to gain easy mobility, remote access and get the best innovations from the cloud, make yourself at home! Deploy Valo in your SharePoint Online environment and benefit from the latest innovations of Microsoft. If you want to get more control over your data, live in a performant environment and run everything from your own datacenter, make yourself at home! Deploy Valo in your own SharePoint environment that resides On-Premises! You want to benefit from both? For instance, you might want to keep your R&D team and intranet content to be in your On-Premises environment while the rest of the collaboration could happen in the cloud. That is absolutely possible with Valo! Unlimited possibilities in terms of deployment options!

Hybrid Identity

First of all, having an Hybrid setup for your SharePoint environments mean that you will also live in an Hybrid state for your identity. You will get the same identity in the Azure Active Directory and in your own Active Directory, thanks to synchronization tools. That is the key to your overall success to a great Hybrid Valo implementation. One of our module, the People Finder, will greatly take advantage of that hybrid identity. Our People Finder allows us to search for our colleagues using their names, phone numbers or any other profile property. The great thing about this is that thanks to the profile synchronization between On-Premises and Online, those properties are automatically synced and we can leverage them from any of the environments!

No matter where you live, you will get access to your entire corporate directory without any surprise! Even more, now that SharePoint support the Cloud profile for On-Premises deployments, we can also leverage the Delve profile as the landing page of the user instead of the “classic” My Site, benefiting of great innovation even if you want to stay On-Premises for your intranet! By leveraging the newly updated Personalized Search in the SharePoint Home also let users get access to the new People Search experience available in Office 365 that will integrate nicely with the enhanced People Card. Integrating those features give you a better unified experience!

Hybrid Sites

When you implement a Valo Intranet, we think that the collaboration story is key but have to be decoupled from your publishing environment, while still being connected through a great aggregation story. Our Teamwork module represents this mindset and is loved by our customers. Enabling Self-Service Site Creation with approval is a great asset for organization that want to control the chaos of collaboration. In an hybrid environment, you might want to have some of your sites to reside On-Premises and some others to reside in the cloud… How do we manage that scenario? Using an hybrid deployment of Valo, you can decide where you want your site to live. You want to create a SharePoint Online site or even an Office 365 Group? Go on your Valo Online deployment and create it! Want to create a site On-Premises? Go to your Valo On-Premises deployment and create a site! It’s that simple and you don’t have to worry about governance or anything, our teamwork module takes care of it for you! Your site will respect your choice of running a collaboration site in the environment of your choice!

Hybrid Search

Sites are now created anywhere, but you want them to be available in a single view. That aggregate view is what is the most important to your users. They don’t have to know where the site is sitting, they just was to get to it! Using the Cloud Search Application which combines both index into a single one that lives in the cloud makes it seamless for your users. They will have a unified view of all the sites that are available for them respecting the security model of each and simplifying the consumption of that information.

The same will happen with the search center that will feature documents from both environments, no matter where you request them. The beauty of Hybrid search capabilities in SharePoint is that you can discover data from everywhere. Valo embraces the Hybrid Search capabilities and loves to deliver dashboards that let you overlook your entire collaboration spaces in single location!

Hybrid Taxonomy

When we think of your intranet, we love to give you all the tools you need to be creative with your environment. Living within the SharePoint ecosystem, a powerful tool that exists is the Managed Metadata Service offering a great Taxonomy management system. Using it is a great practice when it comes to Information Architecture and it is a great classification mechanism for any document and content that lives in SharePoint (Online or On-Premises).  By supporting the hybrid scenarios, Valo can leverage a unique source of Taxonomy. Leveraging the cloud as your “version of the truth” for your Taxonomy is now possible thanks to the Hybrid Taxonomy feature of SharePoint and we support it natively. No need to replicate or to maintain two different taxonomies. Keeping it simple and centralized will get you a great content classification story and your Hybrid Search experience will be enhanced by simplifying the facets you can use to filter your results. Simple!


At Valo, we really think you can benefit from both type of environments and by combining then in an hybrid scenario will get you to please your users and fulfill your business goals. Now, are you ready to fall in love with your hybrid intranet? We are!

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Valo Intranet loves Modern SharePoint and we would be more than happy to guide you through all those new experiences.


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