Valo & Modern SharePoint : Why it had to happen

A couple of years ago, we were excited about new Service Packs that were changing the way we were interacting with SharePoint. When everything was running on-premises, it was getting exciting every year when we could install a series of new features on our SharePoint farm and we could feel instant awesomeness. That also meant a migration / update project that was necessary to make sure all of our customizations were still valid and were working nicely with those new SharePoint features.

Fast forward 2 or 3 years, we are now in a constant changing SharePoint that delivers new innovation every single day. How did we get here? How can we leverage that to enhance our daily productivity? How did Valo is getting better and better every single day thanks to those new updates to the Office 365 platform? That is what we’ll discover in that first post of a series on Valo & Modern SharePoint.

Modern SharePoint to help you being productive

First of all, we understand that this move towards rapid pace innovation can be intimidating. We discussed it in our recent podcast with Adam Levithan and at Valo, we feel that this change had to happen. Even though some aspects of Modern SharePoint can be considered still “very early”, we know that those changes happened for a very good reason : Innovation. The innovation happening on the SharePoint side is the best thing to happen to the platform in the last 10 years. It helps on-boarding “non-SharePoint” customers and users to the good things about SharePoint. And what are those features that are making SharePoint a great platform ?

  • Simple and intuitive document management
  • Mobility of the users and of his productivity
  • Great discoverability of the content
  • Simple integration with third-parties and LOB systems
  • A modern approach to component development and platform customization

With the new Modern Libraries and Lists, the Modern Pages and the SharePoint Home, it is easier to get the job done and you can finally focus on what is important. Those features are also very compelling as they are changing the way SharePoint looks and this is a great this as SharePoint needed to get a Modern look & feel to compete against the other document management systems out there.

Now that SharePoint has those features, it becomes natural to use it to be productive and focus on adding business value to your organization.

Valo embraces Modern SharePoint

Valo is your centralized productivity hub that drives user engagement and great user experience. We felt that we had to go all-in in the Modern SharePoint experience to ensure that you and your colleagues could leverage what’s the best for you in the Office 365 ecosystem. Valo offers plenty of integration points with Modern SharePoint and this series will highlight all of them individually :

  • Office 365 Groups integration
  • Great hybrid support
  • Modern lists & libraries support
  • Power Tools (PowerApps, Flow and PowerBI) integration
  • Leveraging the SharePoint Framework
  • Modern News and Pages authoring
  • Modern site provisioning

Get ready to fall in love with Modern SharePoint and Valo

Using those new features will considerably change the way you feel about your Digital Workplace. We think that those new tools and ways of working will bring a ton of love to SharePoint and Valo. Being more productive is one of the key success factors of our integration with the Office 365 ecosystem and the Modern SharePoint will only bring that to the next level!

* * *

Valo Intranet loves Modern SharePoint and we would be more than happy to guide you through all those new experiences.


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