Valo Partner of the Year 2018 finalists: Portiva, Pythagoras and Xylos!

Drumroll, please! After a tight competition between awesome candidates, the finalists for the upcoming Valo Partner of the Awards 2018 are: Portiva from the Netherlands, Pythagoras from UK and Xylos from Belgium!

For the second ever Valo Partner Awards we asked our partners to nominate their best achievements in four different categories. While waiting for the final results, to make it more exciting, here’s the TOP 3 Finalists for the Valo Partner of the Year 2018 Award!

Let us introduce our great Finalists

In alphabetical order, the finalists for the Valo Partner of the Year 2018 are:

1. Portiva, the Netherlands

Portiva’s Valo customer base in the Dutch market is impressive. Portiva is also an active contributor to the Valo community not only towards Valo Team but also helping other partners, even their competitors, to be successful with Valo. This is a true Valo Spirit!

2.  Pythagoras, UK

Pythagoras has been with us for long and really understands the Valo Story. With their industry-specific approach to marketing and innovative Proof of Concept selling model, Pythagoras has achieved great results in the UK market.

3.  Xylos, Belgium

Xylos is a highly dedicated and a very active Valo partner in Belgium with impressive sales results and high customer satisfaction.

Valo Partner Award Finalists 2018
Congratulations to all the finalists!

A Valo Partner of the Year doesn’t only need to shine through their Valo journey but also have a desire to help employees collaborate and engage with their community by using Valo solutions. We also look for outstanding sales results, high customer satisfaction, new innovations and overall technical competence and knowledge. Not an easy task to fulfill all these! 


The whole Valo team contributed to the selection and it was a VERY difficult task, even a ‘gruesome’ as one team member put it.

It took several hours to go through all the nominations and the discussion in our Teams channel was very active. One thing we all agreed – we would love to award all the partners! Thank you all for the #ValoLove and for participating!

All the winners will be announced at the Valo Partner Awards 2018 on Thursday, May 3 as the highlight of the Valo Partner Summit Europe 2018. 


If you’d like to hear more what Valo can offer you, as a product or as a partner, book a demo with us! We’re always happy to help!



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