Valo Intranet Podcast : The reasons behind the modern SharePoint experiences with Adam Levithan

In this first first ever episode of the Valo Intranet Podcast, Sébastien is discussing with Adam Levithan, Senior Product Manager at Exostar, about the reasons behind the Modern SharePoint and why it is a much needed step to better collaboration and integration in the Office 365 platform.

Who is Adam?

Adam is a seasoned business strategist, SharePoint advocate, and information architect, focusing on designing information management and collaboration solutions leveraging Microsoft SharePoint technologies. He is passionate about the capabilities of the SharePoint platform and is an advocate to customers in improving the retention and findability of information. Adam’s versatile skill set allows him to assume many project roles from requirements gathering, uncovering clients’ true needs, designing taxonomy and metadata schemas, being a trusted advisor for strategic decision making, and coaching peers and clients to success.

The podcast

In this episode, Adam talks about the brand new user-centric approach to collaboration presented by Marc Kashman during his keynote as SPTechCon Austin. He also describes the moving pieces of Office 365 that are changing in order to deliver better collaboration in the future version of the Modern Experiences. Finally, he covers the innovation that needed to happen to give SharePoint a real modern shift.


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