Valo Stands Out as “Value-for-Money” & Praised for “Integrations with Microsoft 365” in ClearBox Intranet Report

Clearbox consulting report Intranet and Employee Experience Platform 2022

ClearBox Consulting recently published its comprehensive annual intranet comparison report “Intranet and Employee Experience Platform”, with a full review of 19 platform providers and capabilities, including Valo’s.

This time, the report is free to download, which is excellent news for anyone wanting to compare the solutions on the market.

Valo Intranet is recognised for targeted content & good integration with Microsoft 365

In its review, ClearBox highlights Valo’s compatibility with Microsoft 365. Plus, it praises Valo Intranet‘s enhancements on top of the OOTB SharePoint intranet features including search, page templates, navigation, and ease-of-use.

With great signposting, targeted content, and good integrations with M365, Valo Solutions offers organizations tools to make the most of a digital workplace.

Our customers frequently tell us that Valo adds the needed layer to make content creation so easy that anyone can become a content creator.

The integrations that Valo Connect offers on top of Microsoft Teams and Viva Connections also tells a story of in-sync roadmaps with Microsoft. Enabling a seamless experience between Microsoft and Valo stays in our focus now and also in the future.

So, if you are looking for an intranet solution to enhance your Microsoft Ecosystem without compromising on the Microsoft tools. Or you want a tool to bring your intranet into Teams, Valo is an excellent choice and “value-for-money” – something that we were awarded in 2018 and 2019 (when that category still existed!).

Staffbase is the 2022 Choice Award for Intranets & Employee Experience Platforms

We began 2022 by joining forces with Staffbase, so we are extremely happy that Staffbase was named as one of the five “Choices for Intranets & Employee Experience Platforms.”

In the report, Clearbox acknowledged how acquiring Valo and Bananatag in 2021 has made Staffbase “one of the largest employee experience platforms on the market” and said “its features certainly deliver.”

For Staffbase, both Staffbase Email (previously Bananatag) and Valo both play an important role in the overall product vision to become the “Employee Comms Intelligence Platform”.

Staffbase acquired Valo to become the leading provider of employee communication solutions for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint. This is a giant step for employee communication teams and leaders who understand the need to provide shared purpose and direction to everyone in their organization.

Future is in the mobile and multichannel approach

There is an increasing demand to reach frontline workers through their (own) mobile devices. The ClearBox report recognises this and takes a more holistic view of employee experience platforms made up of desktop and mobile apps.

employee communications

The report features Valo Connect as its “wildcard” entry.

Valo Connect enables you to bring your intranet and other digital workplace content into MS Teams. Deployed as an MS Teams app, Valo Connect provides an interface to present intranet content, and Microsoft 365 content from elsewhere, within MS Teams.

This means organizations using Microsoft Teams can extend and enhance their Valo (or OOTB) intranet experience on the go without leaving the Teams app. The newly released Valo Connect 3.0 also adds more to the intranet experience inside Teams.

If organizations are looking for ways to further integrate their intranet and other apps beyond SharePoint, like Viva Connections into Teams, we can see there being value in buying this [Valo Connect] add-on.

We are also actively working behind-the-scenes on how to fulfil the mobile needs of organizations with a strong Microsoft 365 strategy but who do not necessarily use, or find, Teams sufficient for employee communications needs.


Valo congratulates all the Choice 2022 winners! Download the report and find Valo’s review from page 564 onwards. Enjoy reading!

Intranet and Employee Experience Platform report by ClearBox Consulting

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