Valo Teamwork Release 4.0 is Out Now: 8 Hacks to Improve Your Productivity

Teamwork release 4.0

Valo Teamwork Release 4.0 is out now! It comes with many governance and provisioning improvements that will help you to gain even more control of Microsoft Teams, including private channel support within Teams – perfect for project managers wanting a private space to talk about related tasks. Plus, a brand-new feedback hub, where customers can tell us directly what they’d like us to improve.

Release 4.0 adds a lot of great improvements to Valo Teamwork that bring high value to our customers and solve real business issues.

Here are the highlights:

1. Added private channel support

Project managers can now use Valo Teamwork to automatically create pre-configured private channels within Teams to discuss tasks, timelines and everything related to their workflow with their team.

2. Introduced categorization of workspaces

Microsoft Teams administrators can now apply category and metadata to many teams and groups at the same time.

Administrators can now apply category and metadata to many teams and groups at the same time.

This means it’s now much easier for people to find workspaces by using the filter options. For example, HR managers can now search for all teams relating to “onboarding” or teams that are managed by a specific colleague.

Adding category and meta data simplifies the searchability of teams and groups in Valo Teamwork.

3. Made it easier to identify and take ownership of orphan teams

We’ve made it easier than ever for IT admins to identify groups and teams without owners, so-called orphan groups/teams. Valo Teamwork admins can now easily identify those workspaces, by simply pressing a button that lists all groups and teams without owners.

It’s now easier than ever for IT admins to identify groups and teams without owners, so-called orphan groups/teams.

In addition, we’ve added a button where admins can take ownership of orphan groups or teams. Without this functionality, users would need admin rights to find groups or teams without owners. Additionally, access to Azure would be required to take ownership of those workspaces. Now this can all be done from within the Valo Teamwork Admin dashboard.

4. Improved usability of the lifecycle management process

IT admins can now configure Valo Teamwork to send renewal notification emails that support action buttons such as “extend lifetime”, so recipients no longer need to navigate away from the message to take action, everything remains in context.

There’s now a button inside notification emails that users can directly click on without having to switch context.

Previously we sent emails to users, say for example, if their group or team was due for renewal. The recipient used to be given step-by-step instructions on how to extend the lifetime of their team.

Now we provide a button inside the notification email which users can directly click on automatically extending the lifetime of their workspace without having to switch context.

5. Integrated links to external business apps

Again, to reduce context switching and to make users’ lives easier we’ve made it possible to integrate external business apps into Microsoft 365.

Now when users click on their group’s card inside Valo Teamwork they can not only navigate to SharePoint sites and Teams, but also to the external apps they use in their daily work too.

For example, marketing teams can quickly access tools such as HubSpot. Or HR teams can access ADP. Or IT can configure their group cards to open Zendesk.

We’ve made it so users can quickly access the tools, being used most in their daily working lives.

6. Support for the association of Valo Intranet hub sites

For Valo Intranet 3.0 users it’s now possible to configure Valo Intranet hub sites at the template level in Valo Teamwork. This means when a site collection or team or group is now created via Valo Teamwork it will automatically be associated to the Valo Intranet hub site.

Comms teams will love this function because communication sites will be automatically added to the hub site and will provide a predefined structure for it.

IT teams will benefit from this because the templates make it easier for them to govern sites associated to hub sites. Using this functionality, they build a strong and robust intranet that is structured and well-governed.

7. Introduced a feedback hub

We’re striving to make the world’s best digital workplace solutions on Microsoft 365, which is why we actively encourage our customers to give us feedback.

We look forward to receiving your comments in our brand new feedback hub.

Traditionally, this feedback has come through our Valo Partner Network. However, to speed the process up, we’ve created a feedback hub enabling our customer to contact us directly.

Now all customers need to do is to go to Valo Teamwork Admin and leave us their anonymous feedback. We will use their information to not only improve the experience we provide but to help us innovate our solution too.

8. Made general improvements, including adding custom styling to Valo Teamwork Dashboard

We have made lots of smaller improvements including making Valo Teamwork faster and simpler to install.

In addition, users can now add custom CSS style to the Teamwork dashboard without the need of a third-party tool, making it a simple and more efficient way of working.

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