#ValoFest – It’s a Wrap! Lessons Learned & Key Takeaways

Valo FEst

On June 25-26th, 2020 the first edition of #ValoFest – love the way you work, travelled the digital world and hosted its first 24-hour worldwide online event.

This global event brought together more than 1400 digital workplace lovers and over 60 renowned speakers from an international scale. Valo Fest kicked off the second half of 2020 in a positive way and we won’t deny that made quite a few heads turn.

An online platform for digital workplace lovers, Valo Fest was aimed to “create an educational space free for all to get enlightened from and enhance their remote work environments thereafter.”

Valo Fest added a little #ValoMagic to the event by making this one of the most fun and creative virtual events out there. Here is just some of the things some of our speakers shared about their experience participating during Valo Fest.

I’m averaging about 10-15 event presentations per week right now and can testify that your speaker wrangling and attendee experience far exceeds the quality of any of the others. The “swag” and downloads are genius, the asynchronous speaker prep resources are valuable and appreciated, and the little touches like backgrounds and wardrobe are going to create a unified event “space.” Genius! Keep up the great work!

Valo Fest Karin Zingmark Mark Kashman Laurie Pottmeyer

A great event, with wonderful pre-con, during-con and post-con energy. Easy to plug into and fun to build out some new assets to engage with the community & customers online.  Go Valo Go!

What made the event so unique? Well for starters, Valo Fest incorporated some cool teams backgrounds! Whether you were taking part during the sessions or Happy Hour, these unique backgrounds allowed you to feel part of all the fun and apart of the Valo community.

Valo Fest custom backgrounds
Valo Fest custom backgrounds

Besides the entertaining backdrops, Valo Fest also made free downloadable files available to make things more inclusive while enhancing your digital workplace. Creative door hangers, kids playbooks to keep your children busy and even adult mindfulness activities geared to balance out your day. Check it out, they are still all available to download HERE.

Valo Fest downloadables

There was an array of incredible speakers, all under the same digital roof! Three keynotes; Mark Kashman (Senior Product Manager, Microsoft), Laurie Pottmeyer (Community Lead for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft), Karin Zingmark (Tedx Speaker, Advisor & Author, Nominated Speaker of the Year 2019) and 60+ internationally renown experts in the field including real life case studies from Special Olympics Canada and more!

With such amazing advice, content and information shared from our speakers, each session captured your attention in its own unique way! Some of the key takeaways in both the solutions track (technical) and experience track (business) were:

“Using the Microsoft Power Platform, any user can turn their SharePoint-based Intranet into an intelligent Intranet by embedding the tools people need to do their job directly inside the Intranet” – Vlad Catrinescu

“Developing trust is a key ingredient to avoid digital workplace burnout amongst employees as individuals who work from home tend to increase their daily work hours by an additional 2-4 hours per day” – Laurel Farrer

What is any event without a little fun? Attendees around the world got a chance to get inspired and get informed during some incredible sessions. Out of all the wonderful things to embrace within those twenty-four hours; laughter was one of them. And boy did we laugh! Valo Fest hosted 3 individual happy hours that included creating the Valo Fest cocktail, guessing & testing during the ValEGGcelent happy hour quiz and even developing a new skill such as juggling. As we like to say: It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere at Valo Fest!

Happy Hour During Valo Fest

It was an amazing event and you can still be part of the #ValoCommunity if you missed out on it! Stay up to date & stay connected with #ValoFest by requesting access here and be the first to know about any upcoming events, resources, or activities we’re configuring to facilitate and allow you to fall in love with your digital workplace. And that’s a #ValoFest wrap… for now!

Get access here to listen in to any of the recorded sessions from Valo Fest!


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