Viva Connections Takes Employee Experience to the Next Level with Valo Connect

We are headed in a new direction as we are living in the dawn of a new era of employee experience. Following the rise of customer success management in contrast to old-fashioned account management, I feel that human resources functions are beginning to understand the needs of the employees from the perspective of employee success management. Isn’t that in the end what we have been seeking all along? 

Of course, this transformation has been bubbling under the surface for quite some time now. However, everything jumped into the fast lane of the digital world once the pandemic hit the scene. Companies were enforced to adopt new software in order to touch base with everyone, despite the local restrictions. This lead to a situation where companies incorporated a digital platform in order to have quick and easy access to everyone. Even though personal contact has always been the most powerful approach, it is obvious that when it comes to getting a hold of all employees, a more scaled method is required. In the rising world of hybrid work, the natural place to do so would be the company’s social communication platform. 

These are perhaps some of the conclusions that Microsoft was drawing as well, on their path of launching Viva. It is essentially Microsoft’s employee experience platform that helps organizations create a thriving culture with engaged employees and inspiring leaders. 

Valo Connect is the missing link to enhance your Viva Connections experience.

In our recent Valo webinar regarding the Viva platform, Daniel Andersson, Microsoft MVP of Office 365, provided the opportunity to further explore the topic with a larger audience. The focus of the webinar was around Viva Connections and how it is helping employees stay connected, promote contribution, and unite them behind the company’s vision and values. In practice, consolidating the employee’s different information flows to a one-user experience, where much of the digital work takes place nowadays – inside Microsoft Teams.  

Viva Connections Valo Webinar
Viva Connections Valo Webinar

Sounds familiar? Yes, it is the reincarnation of the utopia of a role-based dashboard revolving inside your intranet. However, this time around there are some significant differences. 

For starters, the business has moved from analogue work to digital. Much of the collaboration takes place within digital solutions, so people are natively there. The big challenge of intranets has always been to provide real and instant business value for the individual employee undertaking any work-related task. For the first time, they co-exist in the same platform. 

Furthermore, much of the technical limitations have been overcome by having a native support in helping the employee in a natural way to absorb information e.g. on different end devices raging from laptop computers to mobile phones. 

As such, this is Viva Connections vision of providing employees with a curated, company-branded experience that brings together relevant news, conversations, and other resources. 

However, Microsoft’s platform currently falls short in the two of the most critical aspects to attain its ideal functions. Its way of forming the starting point of an employer’s day does not support role-based or personal adapting of the important information hub content. Furthermore, it is lacking the business perspective for ensuring that employees truly get the expected result of the starting page for their daily work. 

Only through these extensions, digital employee experience can truly support one to succeed personally while providing business growth. 

If you wish to hear more about how Valo Connect provides the ideal extensions to solve any of Viva Connections’ setbacks, please subscribe to the webinar to get the recording. Book a personal demo, or reach out to me personally as I would love to help you enhance your company’s overall employee engagement and wellbeing. Let us make the great employee experience not only be something that is profitable to your business in the long run, but a platform your employees can love and be proud to be part of. 

Why not come and see for yourself how Valo Connect can enhance your Viva Connections experience. Book a demo with one of our friendly experts today! Simple, easy to use, and customizable. see for yourself!

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