We have 8 Microsoft MVP renewals and a total of 11 on board

Yesterday marked the day of Microsoft MVP renewals for the 2020-2021 period. Our trusty gang of Microsoft MVPs has had their status renewed a mixed amount of times but it’s still always as valuable and exciting as it was for the first time!

For those who are not familiar with the concept, Microsoft MVPs, or more commonly identified as Most Valuable Professionals, represent a global community of over 4,000 members across 90 countries who are technology experts, passionately sharing their knowledge with the community. The MVP Award is recognition and a way of saying “Thank you!” to these professionals, who are regular contributors and outstanding community leaders.

Eight exciting renewals in the Valo Team

This year we get to celebrate these great contributors and Valo Team members get their status renewed. Don’t forget to follow their own outlets for the most recent topics, tips, tricks and so much more.

Our Product Marketing Manager at Valo and a Microsoft MVP & RD in Belgium, Gokan Ozcifci, really laid down on what it means to be a Microsoft MVP:

Being an MVP is like being the central point for customers where building innovative, intelligent and responsive cloud driven solutions is your core business. With the Mobile first, Cloud first ideology, your goal is to empower every person and organisation to do more with the Microsoft cloud and the ecosystem is perfectly aligned to accelerate this.

A Microsoft MVP renewals trooper one of our Software Architects Alexey Sadomov, is waiting for his second blue ring for the award. This tells you that he has been a solid contributor for ten years. That’s dedication!

Others have been super enthusiastic of their Microsoft MVP renewals as well. They simply can’t hide it!

The number keeps growing – now we have 11 Microsoft MVPs!

The past year has been really successful when it comes to our team members receiving the MVP status! Only in the past eight months, three existing Valo Team members have gotten the recognition.

First it was our flabbergasted Software Architect Antti Koskela in November 2019, then our Tech Lead Tomi Tavela in March and now just a few weeks ago Jarbas Horst, one of our Senior Software Architects, became the 11th member in our Valo team to receive the award!

These three rather new Microsoft MVPs will be eagerly waiting for their Microsoft MVP renewals until next year. We are lucky to have so many of them in our team to help out us and the whole global SharePoint and Office 365 community. And who knows who amongst the Valo Team will be the next Microsoft MVP!


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