Top Reasons Why Internal Communications Professionals Love Valo Intranet

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The Covid pandemic has put a new emphasis on the internal communications profession. With the sudden shift to remote working for many, and the need to be able to quickly communicate the latest guidance and updates, effective internal communications has, arguably, never been more crucial.

As a result, positivity around the profession is growing according to the UK’s Institute of Internal Communication. The results of a survey of almost 500 internal comms professionals showed a widely-held belief that their response to the pandemic would benefit their long-term credibility. 90% of respondents believed the situation would have a “very positive” (32%) or “positive” (58%) impact on the Internal Comms profession.

Intranets have long been known to play a central role in effective communications, so it’s not surprising that our internal comms customers are such big advocates for our award-winning Valo Intranet.

Here are the top reasons why they love it so much!

1. Central communications hub

Valo Intranet provides a one-stop-shop for all the news, information and documents that employees need access to on a daily basis.

This single source of truth reduces reliance on email and ensures important information isn’t missed.

2. Quick and easy access

Valo Intranet’s Quick Links feature means you can add links to shared files and documents that employees can access quickly and easily, from leave forms to onboarding information.

Since installing Valo Intranet it’s much easier for us to handle a large amount of files and documents. Now we only add links to the intranet, so we don’t need much actual documentation on the platform itself.

3. Easy to publish content

Valo Intranet’s templated staff intranet means that content is easy to publish, requiring little or no input from IT. Simply add the content and images into pre-set fields, preview and publish.

Content can be scheduled in advance and automated expiration dates can be set if required.

The new Valo Intranet has pretty much changed our internal communication. Now publishing news is much easier than before. Information is clearly and intelligently structured.

4. Company culture and branding

Having an intranet that looks and feels like ‘home’ is crucial to building company culture and creating a sense of belonging amongst employees, no matter where they’re based.

With Valo’s easy-to-use templates you can choose your favorite user interface and adjust with your company’s branding, colors and fonts, or get creative and customize if none of the ready-made user interfaces suit your needs.

Valo Intranet was key to improving the common culture within Amplexor. We now feel we have our unique brand voice and a corporate culture that is recognized by all. It has helped to create a feeling of belonging to a group.

5. Increased employee engagement

There’s so much more to a modern intranet than simply delivering information to staff. Valo Intranet facilitates two-way communication, allowing employees to like, comment or reply to company news.

Allowing for increased employee engagement helps reinforce a sense of belonging amongst staff and the feeling that their input is valued.

6. Keeping staff informed during times of crisis

Having a central comms hub with the ability to communicate with staff quickly and easily has proved invaluable to internal communications teams, especially during the pandemic.

As many employees moved to home working, having the ability to communicate news and updates to a distributed workforce was key. In addition, sharing positive stories and tips that promoted employee wellbeing and morale helped to boost the company culture.

7. Mobile app for frontline and remote workers

Whether your employees are based at home, in the office or field-based, with Valo’s Digital Workplace App they can access the latest news, information and documentation anywhere, on any device.

When thinking about my own daily life, one of the clear and concrete advantages of the new Valo Intranet is being able to sign in on my phone, for instance, without a VPN connection. It streamlines my day significantly.

8. Multilingual feature

With many companies having a global workforce, being able to communicate in your employee’s native language has many benefits. In fact, we’ve written a blog about the Benefits of a Multilingual Intranet.

Valo’s multilingual feature allows internal communications teams to translate content into 30 different languages automatically, saving time and resource.

9. Analytics help inform strategy

Valo Intranet’s analytics can help inform internal comms messaging strategy by allowing teams to monitor engagement.

By assessing the success of pieces of content, comms teams can target specific teams depending on the type of content they most engage with.

Thanks to Valo’s news carousel, we’re able to publish content that really engages staff and piques their interest. We are also able to monitor engagement with each story, which helps inform our messaging strategies.

In fact, Valo’s analytics have just got even better after forming a strategic alliance with tyGraph Advanced Analytics for Microsoft 365. Internal comms editors can now see the number of page views, top pages, top news stories and top links and navigation in a simple dashboard, making monitoring engagement so much easier.


So, it’s not hard to see why our internal communications customers love Valo Intranet so much.

If you’re an internal comms professional who would benefit from Valo’s modern, visual and social staff intranet, get in touch and one of our friendly team will show you a demo.

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