Why Partner with Valo? Find out what our Valo Partners say!

Why partner with Valo

Why partner with Valo? Valo’s partnership model is central to our entire ethos. Our Partners are our support system linking us to our end users – the customers who buy Valo products to enhance their digital workplace. By joining our partnership you will become part of our global Valo Partner Network and can tap into both ours and their expertise.

To date we have over 270 Valo Partners on board in 45+ countries. This means more than 650 customers and two million happy users from one side of the world in West Coast US to Wellington, New Zealand.

Valo’s Partners deliver the goods

We don’t sell our products directly. That’s where our Partners come in; they are the ones who build the amazing Digital Workplace experiences using Valo products delivered and sold into the market.

Our Partners add incredible value to the service delivery and continuous development. That’s why we rely on them so much. So, why does Valo only distribute its products to customers through this extensive Valo Partner Network?


  • Our Partners are best placed to know the culture and business of our customers
  • We don’t have offices or people in every country in the world or speak every language
  • Valo Partners offer extra value to our customers
  • The Partner Network makes the purchase less risky for the customer

Valo Partners are the ones best placed to help on selling, deploying, customizing and maintaining our products.

Valo’s world-class solution brings a competitive advantage against other local providers

Valo is a forerunner in intranet and digital workplace solutions based on Microsoft’s technology. We have a dedicated team of 50+ professionals who know the ins and outs of SharePoint and Office 365.

By partnering with Valo you can build a strategic, long term and mutually beneficial partnership that not only strengthens your knowledge, but your business too.

In addition, as Valo is a global Microsoft IP Co-Sell Ready Product our local Microsoft partners also get added incentives when selling Valo’s suite of digital workplace tools.

You will win over new customers

Your customers will fall in love with Valo as much as you will. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our recent customer testimonials. Here you’ll read how our suite of digital tools not only work for small to medium-sized organizations, they can be deployed by large multinationals too.

In fact, Multiplex, a global construction contractor headquartered in London, with offices in Australia, is happily using Valo Intranet to unite its workforce across four continents.

Valo Intranet is now a key hub for them, housing operational policies and procedures all in one place, alongside news, documents and information about each department. And thanks to our sophisticated People Finder tool, staff can now easily connect with other team members spread across the globe.

But our customers aren’t the only ones who love our products. Our existing Partners regularly tell us how Valo has helped them to win new customers. From our customizable live demo environment, to our clever multilingual feature, through to our native app and much more, we’ve thought of all the ways to help you deliver the best service you can.

The fact that Valo’s a clear and easy to understand offering makes it not only a great door opener to new customers, but also the perfect match to strengthen long-term customer relationships.

The projects will be much more profitable

But we’ve intentionally left room for customizations!

Although Valo is an out-of-the-box solution built on top of SharePoint and Office 365, and offers 90 percent of what end-users want, it still needs to be installed and customized by a Microsoft professional. This means Valo’s Partners’ sophisticated product developers can tweak our solutions to custom fit their customer’s needs.

In addition, Partners can off extra services on top of the Valo installation such as content migration, governance, user adoption workshops and much, much more.

In fact, many partners tell us that Valo has given them an initial foot in the door with their customers which has resulted in an additional 50 to 80 percent uplift in revenue, depending on the size of the project.

There’s enough services built in to a Valo deployment where we can make a significant amount of revenue and we have enough margin on the services aspect of the Valo engagement to where it makes sense. There’s a lot of products out there where there’s nothing extra to do or you have to pay the vendor/manufacturer of the product to do the implementation. With Valo, they empower us with training to be more successful with the product.

Your customers are going to be happier (and so will you!)

We designed our products so that our Partners are always able to say ‘yes’ to their customers when they ask for more. Whether that’s integrating with Power BI, or into Microsoft Teams, or creating personalized dashboards Valo’s product roadmap always takes the extension and customization story into account.

Plus, we regularly meet up with our Partners, whether that’s at our annual Valo Summits, or co-marketing events, to listen to their feedback on how we can improve our solutions to keep their customers happy.

Valo Summit Tour 2019

Ultimately, we believe that keeping our Partners happy is as crucial as keeping our customers, the end-users of our products, happy.

We just love the product. Our customers love the product too. That’s the main reason we have a great relationship with Valo.

A global, supportive network

Thanks to our amazing Valo Partner Network, Valo’s digital workplace tools are currently available on all the major continents.

We support our Partners’ deployments across such a vast geographical area within such varying time zones. In each region, we have highly skilled Support team members and team members with other skill-sets, like Consultants or Product Specialists.

This means Valo’s team is on hand to solve most issues from technical problems in the customer’s environment to training, configuration or licensing where ever our Partners are in the world. We also give our Partners access to our exclusive online “Valo Partner Hub” which has everything they need to know about Valo’s solutions.

In the hub, Partners can follow our latest news, register for Valo events, access marketing materials, videos, guides, wiki, chat and the support ticketing system, as well as joining the discussion in the Yammer community for peer-to-peer advice.

Join our network today!

Geographical boundaries won’t limit our ambition to partner with you! Whether you’re based in Canada or France, India, Japan or Singapore, we can do business together where ever you are located in the world!

And equally, it’s not a question of size. You might be a one-person consultancy in Italy or a large IT business in Australia with hundreds of consultants, whatever the case, each of our partnerships are valued equally!

An at-a-glance look at the benefits of partnering with us!

Still need convincing? Take a look at what you can access if you join our Valo Partner Network today:

  • Digital workplace tools that adhere to all Microsoft standards.
  • Sophisticated solutions built 100 percent on top of SharePoint and Office 365.
  • An easily customizable platform, with no coding, making it quick to install.
  • Access to the Partner community exchange on Yammer.
  • 24/5 Global Valo Partner Support.
  • A dedicated Partner Manager on hand to help in APAC, EMEA, and NA.
  • Invaluable marketing assistance from our in-house experts.


We’d love you to join our awesome Partner Network and grow with us! 

Find out more about becoming a Valo Partner. Watch MVP Vlad Catrinescu and Valo’s Head of North America Juha Koivula explain more of the benefits of partnering with Valo.


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