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Jenni Mattinen ESPC 2019

Working in the digital world has so many opportunities for every type of tech-enthusiasts! However, often we overlook these unique opportunities that can be the right fit for women. In this article, I explore our very own Jenni Mattinen experience as she also participated in the Mimmit koodaa program (Women Code Program) in Finland.

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What is the Women Code Program?

The purpose of the Mimmit koodaa program (Women Code program) is to increase equality in the Finnish software industry by breaking the stereotype that coding is only for men.

Although not a coder, Jenni Mattinen from our Marketing team speaks about her experience in IT and Marketing. The movement inspires Jenni, with its focus on women and IT. She says that: “It is great they are bringing out the opportunities that IT offers to women and prove that IT is not only for men and not only for coders but there is a need for another kind of expertise as well to increase diversity”.

The Journey to Valo

In the article, Jenni explains that before starting her journey in Marketing and Comms, she worked in several customer service roles, one of them being another IT company. Jenni later found herself attracted to the world of Marketing!

As we all know, the road to success is never an easy one, and so Jenni faced a few challenges when finding her way. After many years of studying abroad, Jenni had to continue building her network once she got home as it was difficult to find a job. With her experience in working in different cultures and environments, along with her interest in communication; she found herself completing her third degree.

Jenni continued her path of education by studying at the University of Jyväskylä for MBA in Corporate Communications. At the same time Jenni also started in the Junior Chamber International (JCI).

As you might know, when Valo has an unique opportunity – we grab it! And so that is why we made Jenni part of our team back in 2017. “Valo is everything I am hoping from a company; small but growing IT business with international touch in an interesting field”.

Jenni Mattinen ESPC 2019
Our Jenni in the center of the frame at ESPC 2019, literally!

Marketing in a Tech Company

Jenni is a friendly introvert who enjoys socializing within a small group, but has also extended herself in networking with larger groups at events in which Valo introduced her to. More so, Jenni is proud to be part of such a diverse team at Valo. About half of the entire team of more than 60 employees are women, while majority of the Jyväskylä office’s Valo team are women and eight of the nine marketing team members are women.

Jenni finds that successful marketing comes from a lot of background work, including attention to detail and a lot of team effort! For instance, to attract readers, publication requires text with the right perspectives and a suitable illustration. In todays age, Marketing is not only content, but also how it is delivered on several technical platforms.

Jenni Mattinen Mimmit koodaa Valo
Jenni photographing a knitted Valo Bot in the Jyväskylä Office

Finding Peace within the Unknown

In all, Jenni takes her personal experience and challenges as a life lesson that she incorporates into her day to day life. Her experience from working in customer service to communication, had led her to contribute to Valo’s external marketing and partner communication.

Although her direction was not always clear, Jenni finds peace with the path of the unknown. Often going through the obstacle with yourself and your surroundings is part of the process. Jenni encourages young people to find their own path at their own pace. We can only conclude that there is something about the unknown and finding your comfort within that!

You can find the full Finnish article on Jenni here!


I think we can all learn something from Jenni! We are more than happy to have her in our team as a part of the Marketing team! If you want to be a part of this ever-growing Valo Team, take look on why you should join us from the video below.

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