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Have you noticed how the way we work is changing? How our workforce is becoming more diverse? And how the colleagues we collaborate with no longer sit in the same office, same country, or even in an office at all?

Gone are the traditional in-house silos of yesteryear, replaced by the new norms of ‘internal’, ‘external’ and ‘remote’ ways of working.

Colleagues are now collaborating with more networks outside the office than ever before. In fact, today they’re spending 80% of their time collaborating on twice as many teams as they did a few years ago.

So much so, that a recent Microsoft survey on ‘the changing landscape of teamwork’ confirmed that collaboration is “the future of work”.

But how can we collaborate effectively in these new modes of work?

An ‘open’ work culture

It’s all about having an open culture in the workplace – and accessing collaborative tools that can be used globally and remotely.

Though challenging, it’s an exciting time, with roles and locations constantly shifting. For those working in Europe, you could wake up and chat with colleagues in Asia or join a brainstorm session with the U.S. before bed.

It’s all possible, thanks to the advances in cloud computing, mobility and AI, along with modern workplace tech, like ours at Valo.

A social workplace

According to the McKinsey Global Institute report on ‘the social economy’, 72% of companies are adopting social tools within the workplace.

The report suggests that social technologies can improve communication and collaboration, as well as raise the productivity of workers by 20 to 25%.

That’s pretty impressive, huh?

Valo has the technology to help

At Valo, we know all about the benefits of communication and collaboration, and that’s why we’ve designed our products with this in mind.

Collaboration is the key to success in Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Jari Pullinen, Vice President, Valo

We know that companies are ready and seeking out collaboration tools to enhance their working lives.

It would be difficult for us to push our products or create a new culture if people weren’t ready and asking for such solutions.

Jari Pullinen, Vice President, Valo

It’s all about teamwork

We all know that good teamwork leads to greater productivity. The more employees are involved in their place of work, the more engaged and productive they become.

In top-performing companies, where employees are actively engaged in their community, productivity increases by 21% and profit margins are 22% higher, according to a Gallup workplace study.

This is why we created Valo Teamwork, a tool used to organize collaboration across all Office 365 groups via a clear dashboard. Within Valo Teamwork users can add pre-defined templates, which makes rolling out a new group easy. The tool also allows you to do refined filtering across all O365 groups.

Now, even clients with complex governance models can adopt Valo Teamwork to improve administration, content creation and management of Teams and Groups.

Gamification and ideation

We are always striving to innovate and find new ways to help our customers work smarter in their everyday work life.

We passionately believe that collaboration tools are the future, and have created Valo Idea Management to aid an open and social culture.

Valo’s Idea Management tool is perfect for brainstorming and contributing to discussions, it can even reward people who are actively contributing.

The product allows employees to submit their ideas, either in a defined time frame or permanently, to the rest of the company. People can then like and comment on these ideas.

The company can also allocate points to actions taken in the Idea Management tool, such us a like, comment or contribution of a new idea.

Goodbye to the old ways of working

New digital workplace tools are a far cry from the static intranets used a decade ago to broadcast top-down information, and didn’t allow for any interaction.

Now, there is a growing swell of demand for two-way communication channels, where the voices of the people on the shop floor can be heard just as much as their managers.

These tools help to create a new internal culture. It takes courage from management to understand they are better managers if they don’t just instruct but rather empower people – it makes everyone more efficient.

Jari Pullinen, Vice President, Valo

A purpose and a reason to engage

Investing in technology that empowers employees is vital. Staff are a company’s biggest asset, and that’s why it’s important to give them a purpose and reason to engage.

Valo’s digital workplace tools allow companies to move away from the rigidity of the 9-5 culture, offering employees more balance in their working lives.

As business becomes increasingly global and cross-functional, silos are breaking down, connectivity is increasing, and teamwork is seen as a key to organizational success.


Book a demo and see for yourself how Valo’s collaboration tools Valo Teamwork and Valo Idea Management can help your organization become more social and productive. Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what one of our customers has to say:

Valo customer review

Thanks to Teamwork, our collaboration has been greatly simplified in our daily work. The self-service function makes our life a lot easier.

Alain Sahli, Executive Director of Technology, Flowable Group


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