5 Customers Reveal Why They Chose Valo’s Digital Workplace Tools

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Looking for a new, modern intranet or digital workplace built on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint? Then look no further. We have all the digital workplace tools you’ll need to be effective in the digital age.

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out from five customers how Valo has helped to solve their internal comms challenges!

1. Valo Intranet has improved SharePoint’s usability

Nüßing installed Valo Intranet to enhance SharePoint's usability
Nüßing installed Valo Intranet to enhance SharePoint’s usability.

German family business Nüßing needed a modern intranet to facilitate communication and collaboration between workers based in 15 locations. Its previous intranet was outdated.  As was its version of SharePoint, which needed updating from version 2013 to 2016.

Quick to deploy with flexible updates and a customizable wraparound layer based on SharePoint 2016, Valo Intranet was the modern intranet Nüßing was looking for.

In addition, Valo Intranet added the modern intranet features Nüßing was missing. Valo added a news hub and employee blog. It even improved SharePoint’s usability too, helping to promote communication and collaboration among workers.

Valo is a visually and functionally successful new edition of the Nüßing’s SharePoint. It has enabled us to work more efficiently thanks to its intuitive user experience.

Matthias Bindig, IT administration, Nüßing GmbH

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2. Valo’s one-off license most cost-effective solution

The Swiss Epilepsy Foundationlogo
Valo Intranet’s one-off licence is cost effective for The Swiss Epilepsy Foundation.

The Swiss Epilepsy Foundation, a non-profit organization, was looking for a cost-effective, user-friendly intranet to connect its 1,000-strong workforce in Zurich.

Because it is a non-profit, it was important that costs were kept to a minimum. As Valo had been recently named as ClearBox’s best value intranet-in-a-box solution built on SharePoint, it was an obvious choice.

Valo’s one-off license means instead of the Foundation having to pay per user, it only had to buy one Valo license to cover all its staff. This made it a very cost-effective solution.

Design was also a very important element for the IT department. They set out to find a product that could offer a great technical solution and a user-friendly interface as well.

We’ve had great feedback from the users. They really love Valo Intranet. They now know that the relevant news and information is now found on Valo. So, adoption will grow pretty fast.

Thomas Haug, Head of ICT, The Swiss Epilepsy Foundation

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3. Valo Teamwork tool helped to increase productivity

Valo Teamwork improves productivity for Relats
Valo Teamwork increases productivity for Relats’ staff.

In its search for an intranet solution, multinational Catalan family business Relats was also keen to explore applications that would improve team working within its multilingual, multi-site organization.

With employees working across seven different time zones and speaking seven different languages, one of Relats’ biggest challenges was to find a tool that would promote collaboration and encourage colleagues to share knowledge.

Before installing Valo Teamwork workers were often doing the same job as employees on other sites as they had no way of communicating with each other or sharing ideas and ways of working.

Since adopting Valo Teamwork, Relats has set up over 30 digital work groups, allowing workers to manage and share knowledge, make real-time amendments and assign tasks and deadlines.

Xavi Boladeres, IT Director, Relats Group

As a result of using Valo’s digital workplace tools – Valo Intranet and Valo Teamwork, internal communications across the company have been simplified substantially, leading to increased productivity.

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4. Valo Intranet reduced reliance on email

Valo Intranet reduces reliance on email at GFIA
Valo Intranet reduced reliance on email at GFIA.

Gerald R. Ford International Airport, the largest commercial airport in the West Michigan region, US, wanted an intranet to help them move away from using email as the main form of communication between colleagues.

In recent years, the volume of internal emails colleagues were receiving had increased dramatically. So, they were looking for an intranet to help improve their internal comms in a cost-effective and efficient way.

As GFIA had recently migrated to Microsoft 365 it had opened up the possibility of using SharePoint as an intranet. They chose Valo Intranet because it offered the “90 per cent” of what they wanted.

We really liked the look and feel of Valo Intranet, as well as its capabilities, specifically the ‘people finder’ and the ease of adding content.

J.J. Swain, IT Manager, GFIA

As Valo Intranet brings all of the Microsoft 365 tools into one place, and includes a forum, where employees can ask and answer each other’s questions, co-workers are now more engaged with each other.

Since installing Valo Intranet, email use has reduced. Plus, the feedback from employees has been really positive, many reporting: “we love it” and “this is really great”.

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5. Valo’s ‘multilingual add-on’ helped engage the global team

Valo's multilingual add-on helped KARL MAYER publish content in several languages
Valo’s multilingual add-on helped KARL MAYER publish content in several languages.

The multinational leading technology innovator in textile machinery building, KARL MAYER needed a new intranet. Its former intranet was outdated and not very useful. It only covered news from a few sites in Germany, and could only be accessed only by German-speaking colleagues. This meant important news was being kept away from a lot of target groups they wanted to reach internally.

After comparing different possible SharePoint solutions, KARL MAYER chose Valo Intranet because it has a multilingual add-on feature, and it could be implemented quickly.

Plus, because Valo Intranet, built on top of SharePoint, incorporates all the Microsoft 365 suite of tools, the solution was instantly intuitive and easy to use.

Valo Intranet is a platform where colleagues can share successes, experiences, and celebrate good things together, all over the world, without seeing each other.

Anna Sonnick, Corporate Communications Manager, KARL MAYER

KARL MAYER’s new intranet, named MyKARL, has had immediate success. It is currently attracting between 5,000 and 6,000 visits per week on the homepage.

[quote_card_v2 secondary_quote=”The feedback from colleagues since the launch of Valo Intranet has been really positive, with 90% of the respondents saying that the new intranet is “good” or “very good”.”]90% user approval rating.


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