Case STTK: fluent user experience with Valo

STTK chose Valo Intranet

  • Industry: Non-governmental organization
  • Country: Finland
  • Year: 2017

STTK (The Finnish Confederation of Professionals) is a politically independent and pluralistic trade union confederation for educated professionals. STTK has 17 member unions and approximately 540 000 members.  STTK’s goal is successful Finland, where cooperation will build the world’s best working life and well-being.

STTK’s regional and local activities bring together actors working in different sectors of trade unions. Its mission is to contribute to the development of a diverse and sustainable business structure throughout Finland so that Finns would have enough work in the future as well. Advocacy also includes all aspects of everyday life such as housing, welfare, education, prevention of exclusion or, for example, transport policy.

Office 365 and Valo Intranet

During the project, STTK’s old intranet stepped aside and the new cloud-based and mobile-used Valo Intranet came in. The customer utilizes SharePoint workspaces as a part of digital work, thus enabling right decisions and documents to always reach the right people.

We are more than happy to see how the project progressed and what kind of outcome was achieved. Valo Intranet and Office 365 work together seamlessly and what comes to user experience, Valo is a pleasure to use.

Erkki Lavonsalo

The team received praise from familiarizing themselves with the customer’s operations that helped to move things faster in the right direction. Calling external users to use Intranet is now easy and brings new kinds of opportunities to utilize digital services.

Fluent process, as always

Meteorite permission is to deliver Valo Intranet even in a week, so the process must work fluently. Once again, the project team jointly developed a successful project with the customer, which matched the agreed schedule and cost.

Cooperation with STTK has always been easy and effortless. Mutual trust in doing what is promised was the keystone of this project’s success.

Sari Soinoja
Customer Coordinator, Blue Meteorite

Valo Intranet is the most advanced ready-to-go intranet on the market and a pioneer in the digital work environment. You can choose Valo Intranet either as a Microsoft Office 365 cloud service or installed to the local on premises servers. We would be more than happy to guide you through all those new experiences.

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