Case Study AB InBev: Valo Intranet promotes productivity and collaboration for leading brewer

AB InBev is a happy Valo Intranet customer

AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer, has a mission to bring people together for a better world. To achieve this, they needed to replace their outdated intranet with a solution that would bring their workforce together, promoting greater collaboration and productivity.

  • Industry: Brewer, Consumer goods
  • Country: Belgium
  • Company size: >20,000

Starting point:

Despite being early adopters of SharePoint online, AB InBev’s intranet had become outdated and messy, leading to an over-reliance on email.

Countless e-mails were sent, often with questions and answers repeating the same information within them.

In addition, AB InBev’s former intranet’s look and feel no longer reflected the company’s status as the brewer of the world’s most popular brands of beer.

Xylos, Valo’s Premium Partner in Belgium, recommended Valo Intranet as it allowed AB InBev to continue to use SharePoint online, which their previous intranet had been on.

In addition, by installing Valo Intranet, it allowed them to create an extra layer to bring the entire company together, on brand and with improved accessibility across the business.


  • Valo Intranet, with the expertise of Xylos, was incredibly quick to roll out
  • Ownership has been given to those who manage the content
  • Intranet forum allows employees to ask and answer questions without bombarding each other with emails
  • A customizable look and feel, alongside handy templates, bring consistency to AB InBev’s intranet
  • New intranet is fully accessible on mobile devices

Bringing People Together

AB InBev’s company mission is to bring people together for a better world. So, it was only right that its intranet should have the same purpose.

Unfortunately, former intranet had become outdated with a look and feel that no longer reflected the business. As a result, colleagues were not using it, and they relied heavily on email as a way of communicating with each other. This was inefficient as countless emails were being sent back and forth requesting information, with the same questions being asked again and again.

As Valo Intranet includes a forum, where employees can ask and answer each other’s questions, co-workers are now more engaged with each other.

Employees have been encouraged to get into the habit of checking the forum before they ask a question in case the answer is already there.

Since installing Valo Intranet we’ve stopped bombarding each other with e-mails. We can now spend our time much more efficiently.

Jonathan Orroi, Director Enterprise Architecture at AB InBev

Transferring ownership

AB InBev’s previous intranet had been very much in the hands of the IT department. So, one of the biggest benefits of installing Valo Intranet, is that ownership of content has been transferred to those who manage it.

After a little training and coaching, a group of “portal owners” are now able to publish content on their own.

Speed to market with a reliable partnership

When searching for a new intranet solution, it was not only important that AB InBev retained SharePoint online, they wanted a partner who had implemented the system before.

Xylos was the obvious choice. They are one of Valo Intranet’s leading partners in Belgium, and they have installed Valo Intranet many times in this region.

We needed a reliable partner who was able to take ownership of the problems we had to solve. We didn’t have time to go on a learning journey ourselves. Xylos didn’t need a lot of coaching or guidance.

Jonathan Orroi, Director Enterprise Architecture at AB InBev

In the past, intranet projects would take a few months for the product to be installed. Yet, it took Xylos just half a day to install Valo Intranet’s software. This is one of the many reasons why AB InBev chose Valo Intranet.

Valo’s speed to market is amazing. We were able to set it up very fast. Our customers are quickly able to realize its value.

Thomas Vochten, Solution Architect at Xylos

More inclusive internal culture with greater collaboration

AB InBev were able to fully customize Valo Intranet to ensure that its look and feel is now “on brand”.

As an added bonus,  the new intranet is fully accessible on mobile devices, making AB InBev a truly modern digital workplace.

AB InBev is a happy Valo Intranet customer
AB InBev’s new Valo Intranet is fully mobile, making it accessible from anywhere.

Since it launched, colleagues have said the company’s internal culture feels more inclusive, that it has facilitated greater collaboration, which in turn has led to enhanced productivity.

Take a look what AB InBev and Xylos says about the intranet renewal project.


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