Case Study Alva: Quick To Deploy Intranet-in-a-box on SharePoint Key for Supporting Company Rebrand 

Alva is using Valo Intranet and Valo Teamwork

Finnish energy solutions company Alva was looking for an intranet-in-a-box on SharePoint that could be ready in time to support their company-wide rebrand. Key objectives were to improve internal communications and information management.

  • Industry: Energy and Water Supply services provider
  • Country: Finland 
  • Company Size: < 250

Starting Point

With a company rebrand under way, Alva needed a new intranet to reflect their new branding and fast. Due to changing requirements, their existing on-premises, custom intranet no longer served their needs. Therefore, the decision was taken to renew all internal communications channels and to transition to using a third party tool called M-Files for information management.


With their existing intranet based on SharePoint, Alva was looking for a solution that kept them within the Microsoft ecosystem.

They had previously worked with Valo’s partner in Finland Valtti Kumppanit Oy who recommended Valo Intranet as an intranet-in-a-box solution.

It could be quickly and easily deployed, meeting the rebranding project’s tight deadline. Plus, Valo Intranet can be integrated with third party solutions such as M-Files.

The cloud-based Valo Intranet would also ensure accessibility for remote workers as well as site-based staff.

Once Valo Intranet was up and running, Valo Teamwork was later deployed to manage the organization’s group lifecycle and facilitate communication between project groups.


  • Intranet-in-a-box solution quick and easy to deploy
  • Cloud-based solution for greater accessibility
  • Customizable intranet reflects look and feel of new branding
  • Compatible with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams & third party tools
  • User-friendly platform puts control in the hands of content creators

New intranet key to supporting company rebrand

Alva is using Valo Intranet and Valo Teamwork
Alva’s new intranet called Alvari reflects their new branding.

Reflecting the new branding was one of Alva’s key objectives in launching the new intranet. In fact, the new Valo Intranet launched on the same day as the new branding. This really helped communicate the change to employees, which in turn reinforced the new brand.

It was important that Valo Intranet was launched on the same morning as our rebrand. All our workers could see the new branding on the intranet visually looking like it’s supposed to be.

Internal communications improved with Valo

Since launching their new intranet, named Alvari, the comms team has found it much easier to publish content without the help of the IT department.

Merja particularly likes the homepage carousel promoting the most up-to-date content. And because the platform is so much easier to use, she is seeing more content published than ever before.

Engagement has also increased with employees making use of the “like” and “comment” functionality, which adds to the interactive feel of the intranet.

Cloud-based and mobile for increased accessibility

During the pandemic, the intranet became even more vital as an internal communications channel. Alva’s comms team published regular news and information was easily available to staff. This was particularly useful as many office-based staff had to work remotely at short notice.

As Alva chose Valo’s cloud-based intranet, it allows staff to access news and documents without having to login to a server. Alva employees also benefit from having Valo’s mobile app which means they can access the intranet seamlessly via their phones where ever they are.

Information management made easy

Alva’s intranet has made internal communications easier and more effective. And because the intranet is compatible with third party tools such as M-Files, Alva has been able to continue managing their documentation with the tool they’re used to using.

Since installing Valo Intranet it’s much easier for us to handle a large amount of files and documents. Now we only add links to the intranet, so we don’t need much actual documentation on the platform itself.

The Quick Links feature on the homepage has also made it easier to find information and an archive allows previously published information to be easily found.


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