Case Study AVAG: Inclusive Intranet Saves Time and Energy for Internal Comms Team

AVAG's inclusive intranet

Swiss waste disposal business AVAG needed an inclusive intranet to keep distributed colleagues in the loop, and make internal communications quicker, easier and more effective.

  • Industry: Environmental Services
  • Country: (headquarters) Switzerland
  • Company size: <250 users

Starting Point:

With an existing intranet that was over 10 years old, Swiss business AVAG knew it was time to dispose of their old solution.

As well as being complicated and time-consuming to update, with the onus being on the Internal Communications team for content publishing, the intranet was static, with no functionality to allow engagement.

In addition, with many field-based colleagues based across ten different locations, they needed a responsive solution that could be accessed on any device.


Valo Premium Partner Boss Info recommended Valo Intranet because it met the whole list of AVAG’s requirements, from quick and easy content publishing to mobile accessibility.

AVAG also loved the design of Valo’s modern inclusive intranet.


  • Quick and easy content creation
  • Handy People add-on feature for finding and learning more about colleagues
  • Analytics tool to help improve communications
  • Digital Workplace App for remote access
  • Fast installation time

Valo Toolbox and content templates take pressure off Internal Comms team

Valo Intranet has made publishing news and information quicker and easier for AVAG’s comms team.

One of the key ways that AVAG has benefitted from their new Valo Intranet is the ease of content creation. Publishing on their old intranet was convoluted, with articles written in Word before being exported into PDF format, then logging into three different systems before they could be uploaded.

With Valo Intranet it’s so much easier. Now the comms team don’t even have to log in. They just open their browser, which is set to their homepage, click on one button and start typing. And if they need another person to proof read the copy, they can send a message directly from Valo. It’s that easy!

With Valo Intranet, the whole process of publishing news and information has become quicker and easier.

But now the onus isn’t just on Pascal and his team to publish content. Thanks to the Valo Toolbox and content templates, content publishing has become more inclusive too. Each department can publish its own news, sharing success stories with the wider organization.

Inclusive intranet for distributed colleagues

Like many businesses, AVAG has a significant number of staff who aren’t office based. In addition, their staff are based in numerous locations around Switzerland. This can make internal communications a challenge and add to feelings of disconnection amongst distributed colleagues.

However, with Valo’s Digital Workplace App, the intranet can be accessed any time, anywhere and on any device meaning staff can stay in the loop at all times.

Valo’s handy features and add-ons make life easier for staff

As well as creating an inclusive intranet, keeping distributed staff up-to-date with company news and allowing a wider group of employees to become content publishers, Valo is also making life easier for AVAG’s workforce as a whole.

The two-way communication available on Valo Intranet allows colleagues to engage with company news by liking or commenting, which fosters a sense of inclusivity.

Valo’s People tool has also become invaluable to AVAG employees for finding and learning more about colleagues across the business.

They used to have a directory with all their contacts in it, but people didn’t have access to them. So, they would have to save numbers or email addresses into their own phones, which was a source for mistakes.

It was also a bit complicated to access this information. So, they wanted to make it easier. With Valo Intranet’s People Finder tool that’s possible without any problems.

Valo’s People tool is invaluable to AVAG employees. Now they can easily find and learn more about colleagues across the business.


Could your organization use an inclusive intranet to bring together a distributed workforce, simplify content publishing and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal comms? Then you know what to do. Get in touch with one of the lovely people here at Valo, or why not book a demo?

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