Case study: Flowable Group using Valo Teamwork to improve governance process

Flowable Teamwork

Flowable Group, a Swiss software development company, was looking for a tool to connect its international workforce many of who work remotely or off-site. With teams based in 14 locations around the globe, it wanted to facilitate cross-collaboration, increase productivity and improve process governance.

  • Industry: Software
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Size: 251-1000

Starting point

Flowable Group was looking for a new collaboration platform that would allow them to move their current processes for quotes and projects away from FileShare.

In addition, their IT team wanted to improve work-space governance. Under the previous system, they couldn’t tell which work-space belonged to which department, or who the owner of the work-space was. The IT team wanted to have control over the whole life cycle of the work-spaces within the organization.


Valo’s Premium Partner Beetroot AG implemented Valo Teamwork, which supports both Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint Server 2016 and 2019.

Valo Teamwork creates a single-view dashboard that acts as the interface for all the teams, projects, groups and collaboration spaces available in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Users can find and manage their multiple work-spaces and chat-style tools. They can organize groups, access each team’s collaboration tools quickly, as well as can locate and view documents and discussions easily.

Using the Valo Teamwork tool the IT team can have an overview of who opens a work-space, and which department and location it belongs to. They can now implement approval workflows.  Valo Teamwork templates can be adapted depending on whether the projects they are working on are simple or complex.


  • Valo Teamwork is 100% compatible with Microsoft PowerApps platform to allow for both self-service and advanced integration
  • Integration of 3rd Party Application in Governance process
  • Teamwork enables IT to introduce a new governance structure, granting access/permissions depending on seniority
  • Collaboration tools are curated into a single dashboard, making it easy for the end user to navigate

New governance model for work-spaces for international teams

Flowable Group is an international software company, headquartered in Switzerland. It has clients and colleagues across Europe, North America and Asia.

Their teams are nimble, agile and spread across borders. Colleagues have to be able to work closely together, even if they are parted by continents.

As Flowable Group’s business is very project orientated, the make-up of their teams varies all the time. This is why they needed a tool that would enable them to implement strict management and privacy permission requirements for every workspace.

In addition, they were looking for something that would allow their colleagues to be able to self-serve too.

Beetroot AG had recently moved Flowable Group from an on-prem file system, to Office 365, and as part of this transition had implemented Valo Teamwork.

Makes project work easier

Since launching Valo Teamwork eight months ago, Flowable Group’s colleagues can now open new work-spaces for each of the companies they are working with. They can readily see which project they are working on, and the permissions they’ve been granted on each.

Flowable Group’s IT have been able to implement a governance structure needed to help them manage their online workload since launching Valo Teamwork.

Flowable Teamwork
Thanks to Valo Teamwork, Flowable Group’s collaboration governance is easier than ever.


For IT managers, governance processes are very important. Teamwork is a great help. It keeps the platform tidy and clean

Intuitive to use

Valo Teamwork has been seamlessly integrated into the SharePoint functionality. So much so, the end user doesn’t feel like they are using an ‘additional tool’ at all.

Thanks to Valo Teamwork, our collaboration has been greatly simplified in our daily work. The self-service function makes our life a lot easier.

Flowable Group is happy with Valo Teamwork because it addresses the IT department’s issue of governance, plus it allows their colleagues to self-serve.

Users can now open new projects and quote creation work-spaces as and when they need to, and can view them in a single dashboard.

Valo Teamwork is a good product. It is so intuitive to use. Flowable Group’s colleagues use it every day without realizing it.

Daniel Schnyder, Managing Partner, Beetroot AG


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