Case Study Horst aan de Maas City Council: Valo provides a social intranet on O365

Horst aan de Maas Valo Intranet csolutions

The Dutch municipality of Horst aan de Maas wanted a new social intranet on Office 365 to ensure clear communication amongst staff.

  • Industry: Regional Government
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Company Size: 251 – 1000 users

Starting Point:

Horst aan de Maas’s former intranet was outdated and was primarily used as a channel for relaying internal information.

Employees were keen to have a more modern and dynamic intranet where they could also respond to messages. As a result the city council began searching for a social intranet on Office 365 that offered these features.


Valo’s Premium Partner c)solutions suggested Valo Classic because it is an out-of-the-box social intranet built on top of Office 365.

The city council was impressed with c)solutions’ expertise and knowledge. And above all how quickly they could install Valo Intranet.


  • A new social intranet accessible at any time and on any device
  • Valo enables collaboration in teams and projects on PC or mobile App
  • Valo has improved the digital workplace and promoted collaboration
  • Staff can find all files and documents on one user-friendly platform
Social intranet on O365 being used by staff at Horst aan de Maas
Valo’s social intranet on O365 being used by a staff member at Horst aan de Maas

A clear information channel

The Dutch municipality of Horst aan de Maas is the largest district in Limburg, a province of the Netherlands. It has 40,000 residents and about 300 people work in Horst aan de Maas’ town hall.

The town council’s top priority was to improve communications amongst employees. As a result they looked for a social intranet to help them achieve this. In addition, the intranet had to integrate well with O365.

Its previous intranet was basic. It sent out internal communications, but staff could not interact and respond to messages. The council wanted to replace it with a modern, user-friendly platform to engage employees. Above all, it wanted an attractive digital interface where staff could communicate in a two-way process.

A social intranet on O365

The city council implemented Valo Classic intranet with the help of Valo’s Premium Partner, c)solutions. Now all employees can quickly access the social intranet, called the ‘Goeiedag’, which means ‘Good Morning’ in Dutch, from wherever they are. In addition, they can find all the files they are looking for easily.

Employees of Horst aan de Maas can now open Goeiedag not only on their PC but on their smartphones too. The new Goeiedag intranet has its own app for Android and iOS smartphones. The mobile-responsive social intranet built on O365 has made a big difference to staff engagement.

I like how you can share messages that may not be need-to-know, but nice-to-know. This is certainly a big advantage.

Renske Zwaan, Intranet Project Leader, Horst aan de Maas City Council

Flexible digital collaboration spaces

Collaboration in teams and projects has improved as documents are now accessible from everywhere. The digital collaboration spaces have been rolled out according to fixed templates. This means employees can create a team project environment quickly which can easily be added by authorized staff.

Project members can work on documents anywhere because collaboration is now better supported. For instance, members can even request files while they are away from the office.

Horst aan de Maas NL 2019 csolutions
Goeiedag’, the new Valo Intranet of Horst aan de Maas which translates into “Good Morning”

All employees will be publishers

The city council purchased almost all of Valo’s features. Currently, only the communications department can publish messages. But the plan is for all employees to publish messages on Goeiedag.

Even with the current situation staff are much more involved in everyday matters within the organization.

Employees are much more involved and play a greater role within the organization. Valo has really added value.

Renske Zwaan, Intranet Project Leader, Horst aan de Maas City Council


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