Case Study KNAPP group: Valo’s global intranet platform unites workforce

KNAPP valo intranet 2019

KNAPP was looking for a new global intranet platform that offered a central multilingual access point for news, events, information and published documents to bring the whole group together.

  • Industry: Engineering and Construction Services
  • Country: Austria
  • Company Size: 1,001 – 5,000 users

Starting Point:

The KNAPP group’s former intranet was based on-premise at its headquarters in Graz. However, it lacked cohesion. Users couldn’t access content easily nor could they see the latest content that had been published.

Having identified these issues, the organization began searching for a new interactive and responsive digital workplace platform that was more suited to the needs of its international workforce.


During its search for a new global intranet platform KNAPP came across Valo Intranet. KNAPP teamed up with Valo’s Partner Solvion Information Management, who assisted with the installation and roll out of the cloud based intranet.

Solvion felt that Valo Intranet would deliver the ‘missing 20 per cent’ of functionality of Microsoft’s SharePoint Modern platform.

Valo added extra features including the global navigation tools, that KNAPP could administer centrally, plus the multilingual feature which was available as an add-on.


  • Simplified collaboration with colleagues from other subsidiaries and external workers
  • Improved collaboration in the form of group chats, document sharing as well as task management and integration in Outlook
  • Valo’s ‘search’ function enables colleagues to find each other easily
  • ‘KNAPPnet’, available on desktop and mobile App, gives users access at any time, anywhere
  • Multilingual add-on feature enables KNAPP to publish information on a global basis
  • All Valo’s tools are in the Office 365 landscape

Digital workplace for a global workforce

The KNAPP group provides automation technology and software solutions for logistics and production facilities. Their core areas are healthcare, textiles and fashion, trade, e-commerce and omni-channel retail, food retail and production.

With more than 35 locations worldwide and more than 4,000 employees, one of the biggest challenges for KNAPP was to create an accessible global intranet platform for its entire staff.


KNAPP-valo intranet

It wanted to create a modern global intranet platform where it could publish group-wide information in multiple languages, as well as provide its staff with a collaboration portal in the Office 365 environment.

The KNAPP group worked with Valo Partner, Solvion, who agreed that Valo Intranet was the right solution for their needs because Valo Intranet is built on top of Office 365 and SharePoint platforms, which KNAPP had recently migrated to.

We decided to build the intranet using Valo, because it closes the gap of the last 10-15 % of functionalities that are missing in Office 365 and SharePoint modern.

A central multi-lingual platform

The new intranet or ‘KNAPPnet’ is the first international intranet for the company. It brings the whole group closer together in a central platform which hosts news, events, information and documents thanks to Valo’s multilingual add-on feature.

“Valo has provided the basis for KNAPP’s colleagues to exchange global information within the group for the very first time,”  said Stephan Hager, Solvion Information Management’s lead consultant.

Valo’s extra features improve functionality

Because of Valo’s proximity to the Microsoft Roadmap, Valo Intranet combines the best of both worlds – SharePoint’s updates as well as Valo’s innovative functionality.

The additional features that Valo Intranet brings on top of SharePoint enables improved functionality for users in a global company.

For example, users can now easily create new content, and share it with other users across the organization, without the need for IT or technical support.

Our top goal for using Valo was to keep technical barriers as low as possible for both content editors and consumers of the intranet, so our intranet becomes what it should be – a useful tool that our colleagues love to use.

Andreas Waltenstorfer, Solution Architect ECM & Collaboration, KNAPP

A global intranet platform with a usable interface

KNAPPnet has now been rolled out globally and is available to everyone within the company and to those who have access to a mobile device. Staff have reported that KNAPPnet has a modern and usable interface and that is very intuitive to use.


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