Case Study Nüßing: Valo’s intranet in a box solution on SharePoint promotes collaboration

Nüßing Valo intranet

A trusted supplier of metal fittings for windows, doors and furniture, German family business Nüßing needed a modern intranet to facilitate communication and collaboration between workers based in 15 locations. All they needed were the tools to achieve this and Valo was the obvious choice.

  • Industry: Hardware supplier
  • Country: Germany
  • Company size: 251-1,000

Starting point

Nüßing’s existing portal had become outdated, its poor search functionality made it difficult to find information within it. Its look and feel also needed a refresh, as did its version of SharePoint, which needed updating from version 2013 to version 2016.


German Valo Partner amexus, carried out a series of workshops to capture the requirements of the company’s individual departments. From these, it was clear that Valo’s “in the box” intranet was the ideal solution.

Quick to deploy with flexible updates and a customizable wraparound layer based on SharePoint 2016, Valo would provide Nüßing with the modern intranet it was looking for, promoting communication and collaboration among workers.


  • Valo Intranet in a box on SharePoint quick to deploy
  • Customizable wraparound layer provides enhanced user experience
  • Updated SharePoint leads to better and quicker search results

Digital workplace for a modern era

Nüßing was looking for a modern intranet to facilitate communication and collaboration between its workers based in 15 locations across Germany.

It wanted to capitalize on the technological advances in digital media and comms to fundamentally change its internal culture.

Aware of how social media has changed the way its colleagues communicate and behave, it knew that a one-sided, one-dimensional information platform could no longer cut it in today’s workplace.

All the benefits of SharePoint, but with a better user experience

Our German partner amexus recommended Valo’s “in the box” intranet solution to instantly add missing modern intranet features, such as a news hub and employee blog, as well as improve SharePoint’s usability.

Although Valo Intranet is based on SharePoint, it does not look like it. It combines a very good user experience with the feeling of faithfulness to the principles.

Jonas Sönksen, amexus Informationstechnik
Nüßing's new Valo Intranet on top of SharePoint
Nüßing’s new Valo Intranet

Find instead of search

One of the major problems Nüßing was having with its former intranet was that its time-consuming search functionality was leading to frustrated users.

amexus resolved this issue by reworking and restructuring SharePoint and installing Valo. Now Nüßing’s employees can find cross-departmental documents quickly instead of looking for them for a long time.

Find instead of search. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of our new Valo Intranet built on SharePoint 2016. Finally!

Michael Kramme, IT Lead, Nüßing GmbH

Future-proof intranet

Valo’s structure and modern design has created a new digital workplace at Nüßing, facilitating communication and collaboration between its colleagues across Germany.

Valo is a visually as well as functionally successful new edition of the Nüßing’s SharePoint. It has enabled us to work more efficiently thanks to its intuitive user experience.

Matthias Bindig, IT administration, Nüßing GmbH

Collaboration leads to more collaboration

Nüßing took a collaborative approach during the development process, which really helped with user buy-in and engagement once the Valo intranet was launched. This in turn has led to better communication and improved collaboration between colleagues. Just the result that Nüßing was hoping for!

Thanks to the ease of deployment and flexibility of adding new features, Nüßing is confident that it has built an intranet for the now, as well as the future.


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