Case study Nutrien: Valo Intranet Creates A Digital Space to Centralize Information and Corporate Communication

Valo provides Nutrien a digital space to centralize information.

Nutrien Ag Solutions wanted to create a digital space that would centralize all the information colleagues and content creators needed in three Agro-centers: Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Valo Intranet was put in place within one month.

  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Country: Argentina, Chile & Uruguay
  • Company Size: 250 – 1,000 users

Starting Point

Nutrien Ag Solutions‘ former intranet platform was not user-friendly. It was difficult to maintain and complex to publish content. Plus, Nutrien Ag Solutions wanted to move their communications and file sharing away from e-mail, shared files, and file servers.

Nutrien Ag Solutions were therefore looking for a new intranet that would not only enable accurate, efficient and friendly centralized communication, the platform should also allow for easy information sharing amongst three Agro-centers.


To solve their need, they worked together with Arkano, Valo Partner for Latin America, who recommended and installed Valo Intranet. Arkano customized Valo according to Nutrien Ag Solutions’ requirements and branding.


By establishing the intranet system, Nutrien was able to centralize its communications and align its teams in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, with the following benefits:

  • Simplified access to information for all collaborators
  • A trustworthy environment where all company communications are hosted
  • Reduced reliance on e-mails
  • Expanded the engagement of collaborators with the brand
  • Shared their training and newsletters dedicated to the teams in a centralized digital space
  • Generated greater interaction between employees

From decentralized to centralized communications

Nutrien Ag Solutions employs 20,000 people globally, generating operations and investments in 14 countries. On top of that, Nutrien has Agro-centers in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay with 600 employees.

One of Nutrien Ag Solutions’ key priorities was to offer everyone in the Agro-Centers a centralized communications platform that they could access from anywhere, with the aim of aligning communication between the three South American countries.

a digital space to centralize information
Valo provides Nutrien a digital space to centralize information.

Not only did they want to consolidate information and centralize communications, they wanted to move away from using e-mail, shared files, and file servers.

After analyzing several alternatives, they opted for Valo Intranet due to its integration with Microsoft 365.

Valo was simple and quick to install. Now everyone has access to the information they need. And content creators from across the group can publish news and stories easily.

The entire deployment was carried out within one month. And thanks to Valo Fresh Subscription, Arkano continues to support Nutrien with all Valo Intranet’s updates and releases.


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