Case Study OmaSp: Investment in Valo’s Easy-to-use Intranet Pays Off With Improved Internal Comms and Customer Service

OmaSp's easy-to-use intranet

Finnish Savings Bank OmaSp wanted an easy-to-use intranet to make information easier to find in customer service situations and content easier to create, so they invested in Valo.

  • Industry: Banking
  • Country: Finland
  • Company: Size: 251 – 1000

Starting Point

When OmaSp began looking for a replacement for their clunky, inaccessible intranet they had two objectives. Firstly, they wanted a well-structured, easy-to-use intranet where information could be found quickly and easily by colleagues and when serving customers.

Secondly, they wanted content creation to be much quicker and easier for their team of content creators. Together, these objectives would make a huge difference to the whole team, as well as their customers.


With OmaSp’s existing intranet built on an older version of SharePoint, they were keen to stay within the Microsoft ecosystem by upgrading to a newer version of SharePoint. When Valo’s Finnish partner, Blue Meteorite, showed OmaSp a demo of Valo Intranet, they knew it was the right choice for them.


  • Compatible with Microsoft 365 collaboration suite, including SharePoint
  • Highly-secure, cloud-based platform
  • Easy-to-find information increases productivity
  • Quick and easy content creation
  • Improved internal communications leads to increased engagement

Quicker, easier content creation

OmaSp is a growing Finnish bank and the largest savings bank in Finland based on total assets. About 300 professionals provide nationwide services through OmaSp’s 32 branch offices and digital service channels to 140,000 private and corporate customers.

OmaSp's easy-to-use intranet on a laptop

One of OmaSp’s main objectives for their new intranet was to make content creation much easier for the team of 10-20 content creators. These content creators are based mainly across their communications, IT and business departments.

Where content creation had previously been slow and complicated, the team has noticed how much easier it is using Valo. In particular, the Valo Toolbox, an icon that follows you on every page, can be used to create and edit content quickly and easily.

Improved internal comms means employees never miss a thing

This quicker, easier content creation, along with Valo’s easy-to-use intranet search, has inevitably led to improved internal communications across the business.

Content is well-structured and easy to find using Valo’s Mega Menu. Employees are reading more news and as a result, engagement has risen.

With Valo Intranet, everything we publish is on the front page so you can easily find what’s new, what you have read already and what you haven’t. You can also find the old articles, the important articles in the archive, very quickly so you don’t miss any information you should have read.

This easy access to information has been key in communicating with employees during the Covid-19 pandemic too. As Miika Jaako adds, “It has been really crucial to have an intranet where you can update employees with the news of what’s happening”.

Easy access to information benefits customers too

Employee feedback on their new Valo Intranet has been overwhelmingly positive. One of the key comments is that they can find what they need, when they need it, quickly and easily.

This has inevitably had a positive effect on productivity and customer service. With less time spent searching for information, there is more time to help customers with their needs.

If you’re in a customer service situation, for example, and you’re missing a crucial bit of information. You know that it’s located on the intranet and there’s a customer standing right in front of you, you need to find it quickly. In those situations, Valo Intranet has been incredibly helpful.

So isn’t it time you invested in an easy-to-use intranet for your employees? Whilst OmaSp benefitted from improved internal communications and customer service, there are lots of ways your business could benefit from Valo’s awesome intranet platform.

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