Case Study OMICRON: Valo Reinforces Company Communication in Electrical Power Industry


OMICRON’s former intranet was outdated with a non-responsive text-only layout, and publishing content sometimes even required HTML knowledge.

To fit in with the company’s culture, they needed an intranet that would fulfil their ambition for all staff to be able to publish news, creating a central communication hub accessible to employees based in 25 locations worldwide.

  • Industry: Energy
  • Country: Austria
  • Company size: 501-1,000

Starting Point:

OMICRON’s former intranet was outdated and couldn’t be used in the way it was intended. Although it was the main communication channel for employees, their intranet wasn’t responsive and publishing content had its challenges.

With staff needing HTML knowledge to create anything other than standard text content, a high effort was needed for many employees.

In addition, the company’s former intranet didn’t integrate with systems including SharePoint Libraries, so it existed in a silo. As Microsoft 365 and SharePoint users, the organization was keen for this to change.


The company looked at several options for their new intranet, including a SharePoint out-of-the-box solution. Valo Premium Partner Solvion, who has a long-standing relationship with the business, recommended Valo Intranet because, on top of being built on Modern SharePoint, it also has page templates and easier content publishing than SharePoint OOTB.

Valo’s user interface and usability were key factors in OMICRON choosing Valo Intranet, alongside Valo’s web parts.

As well as Valo Intranet, OMICRON also chose to replace their existing governance solution with Valo Teamwork, allowing for greater integration with the organization’s digital workplace tools, including Webex Teams.


  • Easy content creation reinforces communication
  • Internal communications improved by easier-to-find information
  • Commenting feature allows two-way communication
  • Valo Intranet reduces reliance on email
  • Valo’s responsive design allows mobile access
  • Valo Teamwork integration with third-party tools like Webex Teams

Valo Intranet reinforces company communication with universal content creation

Mobile access is very important because OMICRON has offices all over the world & need access to the intranet whilst travelling.

OMICRON, named Austria’s “Best Workplace” in 2021, emphasizes its culture of trust and open communication.

One of their key ambitions for their new intranet was to design a platform where all employees had the freedom to create content and publish news.

With Valo’s customizable and templated content creation tools staff can now publish news with no technical knowledge required. They can even design their own pages, adding images or other media to support the content quickly and easily.

It was important for us that all employees can easily create pages and news posts and communicate at the same level. We now have over 50 Valo Intranet professionals in our company!

Central communication hub keeps colleagues connected

The Intranet is the main communication channel for OMICRON. Instead of sending out emails to the whole company, communication is mainly published on the intranet.

Anyone can publish news on the new Intranet which has increased the publishing rate.

With publishing over 300 news pages per year, they need to ensure all content is searchable. Using a combination of tagging and filtering, employees can find the content that is relevant to them so they can keep up-to-date without information overflow.

Since Valo Intranet launched, I can filter content based on locations or topics relevant to me. And finding information is so much easier. I feel more connected and updated.

Employees are also now able to comment on news posts, which wasn’t possible before. Commenting has opened up two-way conversations between employees allowing the person publishing the news to also see the feedback.

Hybrid work possible thanks to Valo

The move to Office 365 and Valo Intranet has facilitated hybrid work. Employees across the globe can now access the intranet on their mobile, which wasn’t possible before.

They can log-in to the intranet, on either their company or private device, to a secure platform via the multi-factor authentication process.

This has been invaluable during the pandemic as colleagues were frequently asked to work from home.

Mobile access to Valo Intranet is very important because our company has offices all over the world. And a lot of people are travelling.

As OMICRON is using Valo Intranet as their main communication channel, they also use it to keep colleagues up-to-date with the latest Covid-related updates, instead of relying on email or messaging services.

Self-service collaboration solution with Valo Teamwork

Whilst adopting Valo as their new intranet solution, OMICRON also chose to update their former governance tool by adopting Valo Teamwork.

Their previous solution, built by Solvion, was based on SharePoint on-premises. However, with increased demand for external user access and integration with third-party products, they decided to opt for Valo Teamwork’s SharePoint Online solution instead.

Valo Teamwork offers employees autonomy over setting up projects and teams, including which team members should have access to which tools on each project. This saves IT time in dealing with requests.

In addition, OMICRON has worked with Valo Premium Partner Solvion, to integrate Valo Teamwork within Webex Teams, their preferred collaboration tool.

So, each time a team is created via Valo Teamwork, a Webex and SharePoint space is automatically generated and information, such as team members, is synchronized across each platform.


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