Case Study Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney: Scalable Intranet Empowers Property Business Employees

Preston Rowe Paterson

Australian property consultants and valuers Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney were first-time intranet users looking for a scalable intranet solution that could grow with the business and create a central communication hub to allow flexible working.

  • Industry: Property consultants and valuers
  • Country: Australia
  • Company size: < 250

Starting Point:

In a competitive staffing environment, Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney (PRP) was keen to retain and attract talent by offering more flexible working options. Having previously relied heavily on email for internal communications and with key documentation stored on-premises, they needed a cloud-based solution to allow for remote work and a central hub for effective internal communications.


After exploring several solutions, PRP Sydney chose Valo for its scalability and affordability, as well as the fact that it “ticked all the boxes” in terms of requirements. They worked with Valo Premium Partners Digital First Australia to deliver the project in just two months.


  • Valo Digital Workplace App allows access anytime, anywhere (mobile friendly platform)
  • Customizable look and feel supports company culture
  • Easy-to-access documents keep employees in touch with industry updates
  • Affordable and scalable intranet solution within the SharePoint environment
  • Quick and easy content creation (RSS feeds & updates on company news)

Easy to develop, scalable intranet

“Your PRP” now acts as a central communication hub for Preston Rowe Paterson.

Although PRP is in the early stages of intranet adoption, with roll out initially confined to the Sydney office, they can already see that the opportunities for development and scalability are huge.

Valo’s no-code, low-code software has allowed the company to carry out much of the development work in-house, with the support of Digital First, giving them the knowledge they need to continue further developments and a wider roll out.

With PRP employees using numerous systems with different sources of information, they have used Valo’s Quick Links feature to provide access to disparate information from a single intranet source. They have also included access to forms, such as leave requests, so employees can submit these requests directly from the intranet.

Accessible news and information empowers staff

One of PRP’s key requirements was to create a communication hub to provide a central space for information and document sharing.

With “YourPRP”, the name the company has given their Valo Intranet, they now have that central hub. With links to key content, RSS feeds and documents, a social area for both work-related and personal interaction between employees and most importantly, a central source of company and industry-related news, employees can stay on top of all the latest developments without relying on email.

“YourPRP” links all our informative sources and valuation systems in one place to create a better workflow dynamic in between our commercial and residential teams.

In fact, this news hub has had unexpected benefits for risk management too. With easy-access to news and information, the company has found that employees are better informed of changes to legislation, which reduces their exposure.

Customizable look and feel creates “sense of belonging”

Valo’s easily customizable templates have allowed PRP to create a branded intranet that has really helped support the company culture amongst employees.

PRP also sees YourPRP as having a key role to play in recruiting and onboarding new staff. Prospective employees have been given access to the intranet to give them a flavor of the company.

Additionally, new staff, particularly when remote working, can access onboarding information to give them a sense of belonging from day one.

Digital Workplace App increases independence and efficiency

As we are evolving through the “Prop tech” dynamic in the property valuation industry, we believed it was the perfect time to build an internal system, which all the valuers can have access to remotely.

PRP’s intranet journey began out of a desire to offer more flexible working to employees, and moving to the cloud was a key part of this. Valo’s Digital Workplace App means the intranet is accessible at any time, on any device, no matter where the employee is based.

This has proved invaluable to employees in the field, who have previously had to rely on office-based staff to send them relevant documents stored on the server. With Valo, they can now access them via mobile, which empowers them to do their jobs more independently and efficiently.

Valuers can be on the road and look up things quickly. They can access everything directly from Valo Intranet.


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