Case Study Prica Global Enterprises Inc: Valo’s Suite of Products Accelerate Digital Transformation Journey

Prica Global Enterprises Inc uses Valo Teamwork for its digital transformation

Prica began their digital transformation journey with two main objectives: to improve their document management and to have a central hub for employees to access information.

  • Industry: Construction and property management
  • Country: Canada
  • Company Size: <250 users

Starting Point:

With operations ranging from land acquisition, design and build, through to property management, Prica Global Enterprises Inc is a corporation with more than 50 companies under one umbrella.

Having struggled with file sharing, they began their digital transformation journey by searching for SharePoint-based solutions in the marketplace that would help with document management and centralized access to information, reducing reliance on email.


Valo Premium Partner Creospark recommended Valo’s suite of products because the digital workplace tools would allow Prica to effectively manage and centralize access to documents using SharePoint-based Valo Teamwork.

Creospark also recommended Valo Intranet and Valo Extranet for internal and external communications and stakeholder management.

More recently, Prica is also about to implement Valo Connect as a way of consolidating every-day communications within Microsoft Teams.


  • Enhanced document control with Valo Teamwork
  • Everything accessible from one dashboard
  • Valo’s customization and features enhance Microsoft365 experience
  • Improved comms for internal and external colleagues
  • Valo Fresh subscription gives peace of mind for regular updates

Valo Teamwork helps Microsoft Teams work better

Prica Global Enterprises Inc uses Valo Teamwork for its digital transformation
Prica is using Valo Teamwork to effectively manage and centralize access to documents.

Prica chose to adopt Valo Teamwork for its ability to bring all their Microsoft Teams, Groups and Sites under one dashboard, so that everything was accessible from one place.

This central hub was one of the main requirements the business had when starting out on their digital transformation journey.

Built on Modern SharePoint and accessed via Microsoft Teams, Prica employees can now access all their digital workplace tools, including Yammer, and Outlook, from a single Valo Teamwork dashboard.

Simplicity is the name of the game; employees don’t need to be Microsoft SharePoint or Teams experts to use it. Plus, the powerful and customizable search function means information is quick and easy to find.

Valo Teamwork is also incredibly versatile and can be tailored to different needs across the organization.

Our construction department is using Valo Teamwork to access documents, videos, and notes. The IT department is using Valo Teamwork  to manage the platform, to do project provisioning, and administration. Other departments, like property management, are mostly using it for task management, and planner. So, we have various departments and various types of usage of Valo Teamwork.

Valo Intranet for greater customization

Prica chose Valo Intranet as it’s intranet solution because of the additional customization and features that add value to SharePoint.

Valo Intranet’s look and feel is fully customizable. Content is easy to publish. And features and add-ons like News, People Finder, Organization Chart and Mega Menu navigation tool, mean staff can keep up with company news and information easily and in a familiar environment.

One intranet feature Prica has found particularly useful during the Covid-19 pandemic is the Valo Digital Workplace app. This mobile app has meant frontline workers, such as construction staff, could keep up to date with company news and processes relating to the pandemic.

In addition, Prica took advantage of the Fresh subscription – which means they benefit from regular platform updates.

External as well as internal digital transformation

As well as using Valo Intranet for their internal communications, Prica have also adopted Valo Extranet to manage relationships with their external partners.

Prica has split it’s organization into two sections: departmental and project based. The departmental section is  made up of internal employees who have access to Valo Intranet. The project-based section has its own Valo Extranet, where Prica colleagues can share project information, documents and assign tasks to external partners.

As with Valo Intranet, the extranet product is fully customizable, easy to use and offers the same features as the internal version.

Continuing the digital transformation journey with Valo Ideas

With the use of Microsoft Teams within Prica growing 50 per cent in the first six months of the pandemic, the collaboration tool is integral to many people’s digital work day experience.

“Employees, right now, cannot live without Teams,” said Vladimir Stojic, with Prica’s employees using the platform for general communication, meetings and document sharing.

Adding value to the Teams product, Prica is currently in the process of implementing Valo Connect which consolidates all Microsoft 365, as well as Valo’s solutions, within Teams, so Prica employees won’t need to leave the platform.

In addition, the organization has plans to continue their digital transformation journey with Valo Ideas. This will allow the business to collect, discuss, nurture, and manage ideas, also from the comfort of Microsoft Teams.

Using Valo Ideas will have huge benefit for our company because we have brilliant people working here. They have good ideas and they want to share them with us. To have a system to manage that is going to be excellent.


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