Case Study Ragasa: A Modern Intranet Built On SharePoint For Mexican Oils Manufacturing Company

Ragasa Valo Intranet was up and running in 6 weeks

Mexican food and beverages company Ragasa chose Valo Intranet to create a central cloud-based platform where colleagues can communicate and locate information easily.

  • Industry: Food and Beverages Industry
  • Country: Mexico
  • Company Size: 1,001 – 5,000 

Starting Point:

Ragasa Industrias’s former intranet was a decade old and nearing the end of its life. Publishing content was difficult and it only had certain employee services. Plus, but it wasn’t built on SharePoint.


Ragasa primarily needed an intranet platform where colleagues could communicate with each other in a centralized way. As well as this, the organization was keen to upgrade to a system built on SharePoint and Microsoft 365. When looking for solutions, it wanted a platform that had a solid customer base.

Valo Intranet stood out amongst the different options available because of its direct integration with SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Moreover, the team liked the fact that the product could be constantly updated to follow Microsoft’s roadmap via Valo’s Fresh Subscription. In addition, the intranet was simple to set up and could easily be updated by administrators.

Ragasa chose to work with Valo Partner Latinshare to assist with the implementation because they knew the product well and had previous experience working with Valo.


  • Simple to set up and update
  • Users find it easy to upload content onto the site
  • It is a cost-effective solution which left a portion of the budget for the launch

An intranet to unite the workforce

Ragasa Industrias is an edible oils manufacturing company, based in Monterrey, Mexico, providing oil seeds to farming services. Altogether there are nine companies in the Ragasa Industrias which employ 800 staff across all of its locations.

The company refines, produces and distributes oil, serving customers in Mexico. The Ragasa workforce is a solid and dynamic team made up of a wide variety of professional talents, qualified technicians and experienced workers. As such, these workers are all committed to achieving their vision and mission.

New modern intranet fit for an industry market leader

Ragasa is an important link in the country’s agro-industrial chain. In fact, it was the first to meet the demands for oils and products of a vegetable origin. Importantly, its aim is to be a leading market competitor in their field in a sustainable way.

The company’s goal is to improve the well being of its people, conditions and work environment. Its primary values are customer orientation, creativity and innovation, integrity, teamwork and being responsible within society. Therefore, Ragasa needed a new intranet so it could focus on these core principles.

Ragasa Valo Intranet
Human Resources team are thrilled with the look and feel of Valo Intranet.

A cloud-based intranet built on SharePoint

Ragasa’s previous intranet, called the ‘Human capital portal’, was outdated and was still using old web technology. So the team wanted to upgrade to the cloud with an intranet built on SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Most importantly, it was vital to have an intranet that united its workforce with one central hub for communication because the company is spread across nine locations.

Deployment and customization in only six weeks

The implementation only took four weeks to complete plus two weeks for the custom development. The four-week period included the initial setup, configuration, branding, and training. Therefore, the project was very fast and easy to manage.

Following this, Ragasa completed some remaining customizations after training. The features and add-ons currently include Social, People Finder and they plan to add User Adoption later on too.

News carousel proves popular feature

The team has chosen the branding colors to create a unified company look and feel. In addition, the department sites are ready to go.

The transfer from the old system to the new was completed by a special change management team. Once the project team made decisions on where to put certain content, the team found it very easy to upload content onto the system.

One of the features the team is looking forward to using is Valo’s news carousel, which has now been customized and adjusted for TV screens to pull in relevant information directly from the intranet.

The team is also planning to use Microsoft Teams and Planner and is thinking of starting Yammer too.

An intranet with a great look and feel

The Human Resources team are thrilled with the look and feel of Valo Intranet.

We definitely recommend Valo Intranet. The time-to-market of this solution is incredible. We really like the freedom to add custom development. We also like the fact that every time there is an update, you don’t have to think how much it costs and how to do it.


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