Case Study The Institute of Physical Safety: Valo plays a pivotal role in internal communications

Physical Safety Institute Valo Intranet 2

The Institute of Physical Safety, an independent Dutch administrative organization, wanted a new, modern intranet to improve internal communications. They wanted an intranet platform to be used for communication, sharing content and engaging co-workers.

  • Industry: Independent Administrative Organization
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Company size: 251-1000 users

Starting Point:

The Physical Safety Institute’s (IFV) former intranet was static and out-dated. It had limited options and was visually unappealing. It was primarily an information carrier rather than a medium for connecting workers.

The IFV wanted an intranet that worked on two levels. Firstly, one that ‘lives’ making employees feel well-informed, motivated and could simplify their work.

Secondly, the new intranet needed to improve digital collaboration, to make sharing of information easier, as well as improving teamwork. Plus it needed to act as a central location for data and storage of documents.


The IFV chose to work completely in the cloud with Office 365 in combination with Valo Intranet.

Netherlands-based Valo Intranet Premium Partner, c)solutions, experts in SharePoint and Office 365, installed the new intranet IFVConnect.

c)solutions not only implemented and rolled out Valo Intranet but they also trained staff in order to enhance user adoption at an early stage.


  • A new social intranet that IFV employees can access from their PC or smartphone from any location at any time
  • A platform from which employees can respond to news items and talk to each other directly via the Yammer service
  • Staff can collaborate in teams and projects because documents are accessible from anywhere thanks to the digital collaboration spaces
  • The new intranet means no more limitations on storage or mailbox capacity as mail is now part of Office 365. Every user gets 1 TB of storage capacity in the cloud

An intranet platform that removes geographical obstacles

The Physical Safety Institute (IFV) is responsible for disaster relief and public crisis management in the Netherlands. The organization plays a supporting, guiding and encouraging role as an authoritative center of competence in preparing professionals for incidents, crises and disasters.

The IFV develops and shares relevant knowledge through lectures and academies. It advises administrators and has the expertise needed for acquiring and managing common equipment.

Around 300 people work at the IFV locations in Arnhem and Zoetermeer and throughout the country. Therefore the intranet plays a pivotal role in internal communication; the exchange of knowledge and the removal of geographical barriers.

Physical Safety Institute Valo Intranet 2
Physical Safety Institute’s new intranet, IFVconnect, works on top of Office 365 and unites the geographically scattered organization.

A central platform for sharing knowledge amongst staff

The IFV wanted to offer co-workers an updated centralized platform to promote the sharing, use and propagation of knowledge so that workers felt well-informed. The organization was also keen that the new intranet should engage co-workers as well as simplify their work.

Valo’s Partner c)solutions installed Valo’s cloud-based intranet, based on Office 365 and SharePoint, along with digital collaboration tool Valo Teamwork.

c)solutions also customized the IFVConnect intranet so that it looks and feels on brand.

Digital collaboration to connect a broader network of users

Since installing Valo Intranet, digital collaboration and sharing of information has become easier between internal and external project employees. Project-based working has improved because data and documents are now all stored and managed in one area.

In addition to sharing information, colleagues are using the new intranet to present themselves and the objectives of the IFV in a visually appealing way.

Improved social networking with the help of Yammer

One of the many advantages of Valo Intranet is that it allows dialogue and interaction via the social intranet. IFV employees can access the new intranet on their PC and smartphone from any location.

The addition of the Yammer means workers have a platform where they can talk to each other directly. The new IFVConnect intranet has its own app for Android and IOS smartphones, enabling push notifications.

Early training of end-users improves adoption of the new intranet platform

IFV’s staff have been involved with the launch of Valo Intranet from an early stage. This has helped increase user adoption of the new system early on, with workers seeing the new platform’s benefits from the start.

The collaboration with c)solutions was very good. In addition to the role of Valo and Office 365 implementation partner, c)solutions also helped us with the training of end users. And that is very important for user adoption, tells Leon Visser, Project Leader at the IFV.

A team project environment that is accessible from anywhere, at any time

The digital collaboration spaces are rolled out according to fixed templates where team project environments can be created and authorised quickly.

Because co-operation is now well-supported including with external parties, project members can work on documents anywhere or even request them when they are on the move.

A digital workplace for internal communications

Office 365 offers a good starting point and Valo’s intranet platform will continue to develop as the organization’s digital needs change in the future.

The possibilities Office 365 in combination with Valo offers the IFV a good springboard to further shape the digital transformation in the coming years.

Leon Visser, Project Leader at the IFV

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