Case Study Therapy Pro: Valo Connect Puts the Intranet in Microsoft Teams for Improved Comms & Collaboration

Therapy Pro's intranet in Microsoft Teams

As a fast-growing virtual company, Therapy Pro was looking for an intranet in Microsoft Teams to improve communication and collaboration across their distributed network of therapists. They soon realized, with Valo Connect they could get so much more.

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Country: Australia
  • Company size: < 250

Starting Point:

Based across Australia, Therapy Pro’s growing network of therapists are used to distributed working. They were already using Microsoft Teams as a productivity tool, but it didn’t offer the scope for wider communication and collaboration that they needed.

In order to fulfil this need, the healthcare provider began looking for intranet solution inside Teams that would help them build their company culture, bringing colleagues together across the organization.


Therapy Pro worked with Valo’s APAC Partner of the Year 2020 Digital First Australia to find an intranet solution, reviewing several options as part of a tender process.

Knowing that they were already using Microsoft Teams, Digital First recommended Valo Connect as an opportunity to bring their intranet in Teams, meaning co-workers could access everything they needed for their daily work from one app.


  • Quick and seamless implementation
  • All digital workplace tools in one place within Teams
  • Valo Connect app accessible any time, anywhere and on any device
  • Handy “My News” feature for easy access to latest news and info
  • Powerful time-saving search function

Putting the intranet in Teams for improved comms and collaboration

As a decentralized company with no office, Microsoft Teams had been the only communication channel for Therapy Pro co-workers. However, they wanted an easier way for staff to connect, share and retain information whilst being a virtual company.

Bringing the intranet into Teams with Valo Connect has improved collaboration and communication for staff, making company news and information quick and easy to access.

Therapy Pro’s Valo Intranet inside Microsoft Teams.

With a Support Hub, for employee-related information, a Learning Hub for professional development and training, and a Therapist Hub for information relating to colleagues and clients, information and documentation is easy to find.

In addition, the “My News” personalized news feed means that Therapy Pro staff are on the pulse at all times.

Valo Connect’s biggest benefit is our employees can see the latest news or their files inside the Microsoft Teams environment.

Quick to implement, easy to use

As Valo Connect is accessed and used through Microsoft Teams, the implementation process was quick and seamless. The customizable features were configured based on Therapy Pro’s requirements.

For the healthcare provider, the process was so seamless that the staff simply spotted the Valo Connect icon within their Teams environment and just began to use it!

People from leadership to admin have commented on how Valo Connect is easy and seamless to use.

Connected any time, anywhere, on any device

With a completely remote workforce, the ability to keep in contact with co-workers is vital.

With Valo Connect, Therapy Pro staff are able to access their digital workplace tools in a browser, from their desktop or via mobile app.

Not just an intranet in Microsoft Teams

Although Valo Connect brings your intranet into Teams, the enterprise portal can do so much more than that.

Whether it’s an external website or a third-party application, you can bring your favorite tools into Valo Connect to extend its capabilities. And what’s more, Valo Connect can also be integrated with Valo’s other digital workplace tools to create your ultimate digital workplace.

Find out more about what you can do with Valo Connect in our recent blog: How to create a seamless employee experience inside Microsoft Teams.


Does your organization work in Teams? Could they benefit from having all your digital workplace tools under the Teams umbrella? Like Therapy Pro, Valo Connect could be the solution for you.

Why not get in touch with the Valo team or book a demo and see what Valo Connect can do for you.

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