Case study Vapo Group: Valo Teamwork Improves Microsoft Teams Usage For International Sustainable Living Company

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Vapo Group was one of very first Valo Intranet customers and they’ve been with us ever since. They now have Valo Intranet 1.6 and have recently installed Valo Teamwork to manage both their old and new workspaces in Microsoft 365.

  • Industry: Environmental Services
  • Country: Headquarters in Finland, operating internationally
  • Company Size: 251 – 1,000

Starting point:

Vapo Group had previously been using team sites in SharePoint and workspaces to manage their teams, but these had become outdated and were no longer serving them well. Having recently adopted Microsoft Teams they were looking for a solution that would allow them to access both their old workspaces as well as their new groups.


Working with Valo’s mother company Blue Meteorite, they installed Valo Teamwork which enabled them to do just that. As Valo Teamwork is built on SharePoint and its user experience is similar to their old workspaces the transition has been really smooth.


  • Natively integrates into Microsoft Teams
  • Compatible with Valo Intranet
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Great user experience

A platform to access old workspaces and new groups

International sustainable living company Vapo Group, who have their headquarters in Finland and 60 offices spread across Australia, Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden, have been using Valo Intranet for five years.

After a recent company merger and adoption of Microsoft Teams they were looking for a new platform that would allow them to access both their old workspace and new modern groups in a single place.

As they still need to access a lot of team sites from their old workspaces center, they wanted a platform that offered a similar user experience so that it would be it easy to locate both the old and new groups.

Vapo Valo Intranet
Vapo’s intranet, Compass, runs on Valo Intranet

Valo Teamwork straightforward to install

Vapo Group didn’t want to migrate their old workspaces to a new platform as this would have been too costly to do. So they looked for a solution that allowed them to find and manage their old workspaces and new modern groups from a single location.

Working closely with Valo’s mother company Blue Meteorite Vapo Group updated their workspaces to Valo Teamwork.

Vapo’s ICT Business Relationship Manager Joonatan Hirvi said he found it really easy and straightforward to update the workspaces to Valo Teamwork, as they could do it as a side by side migration.

Installing Valo Teamwork was a really easy change management process.

Installation was quick & easy

The upgrade took about two months from start to finish. From talking about the solution, discussing how they wanted to configure it to installation and testing.

Valo Teamwork has been customized so that it has the same look and feel as their previous solution. This is has helped with user adoption. It means they’ve only had to have a minimum level of the end-user guidance in place for staff to be able to use it.

Everybody is happy with the modern Valo Teamwork, because it’s easy to use and you don’t need to go through the manual and learn how to do things. Getting rid of the metadata-based libraries is also a relief for many people.

Since installing Valo Teamwork Vapo’s staff say it’s now easy to see the groups that they are in and those available to join. Whereas in the past they needed to ask permission from assistants to take part in a group. Now they’re able to browse and see which groups are public and free to join themselves. And for groups that are private, they can see who the owner is, and directly ask them for access.

Vapo Valo Teamwork
Vapo staff say Valo Teamwork is really easy to use.

Since the Covid-19 lockdown began Vapo’s staff have rapidly adopted Microsoft Teams. They have found Valo Teamwork, which natively integrates into Microsoft Teams, a very useful tool to use to find the groups and collaboration spaces they’re working in.


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