Elenia’s intranet boosts transparency and sociability

Elenia had a slightly exceptional situation: Due to the company acquisition the company’s name changed and the intranet of the parent company vanished. Meanwhile, there was – and still are – numerous IT projects up and running. The idea was also to move the culture towards a more open and interactive direction. The new social intranet was born.

  • Industry: Energy
  • Country: Finland
  • Year: 2014

“There was a great desire to quickly start creating the intranet:  we had a strong drive to get a hold of the new tools and create an opportunity to talk about things together digitally”, says Lauri Anttila, Head of IT Development and Project Manager of Elenia’s intranet plan. One of the intranet’s biggest goals was to get the people of Elenia to collaborate together, have two-way interactions with others at work.

“The fact that the intranet isn’t not only for reading anymore but also for conversations, might be a culture shock for some employees. Internal communication is however extremely important since we use social media for external activities. Finally, there is an internal alternative for well-known social platforms where to have conversations about the company’s own things”, Lauri describes.

The massive database of instructions into wiki

The workspaces were introduced as a new thing, and they were received well. Additionally, the new workspaces bring concrete relieves to the daily working routine.

Open workspaces add transparency. A significant part of the project was changing our over a hundred work instructions from Word documents to wiki sites. This wide and directly work-related database is now within the intranet, and everyone can and is allowed to update it directly.

Lauri Anttila
Head of IT Development, Elenia

Real time indicators are on the info TV for everyone to see

The news and content was brought onto the info TV screens in the offices, since the intranet has a major role in everyone’s job in Elenia. “Showing the latest news on the info TV has proven to be a great method. However, an even bigger thing was the transparent indicator to our service level.”

Elenia’s info TV shows in real time the amount of incoming calls and service level as well as power cuts, among other things. “With the old intranet, the service level of phone service was updated manually a couple of times a day. The integration from the phone system was built into the intranet. This way any content can easily be displayed on the TVs’.” says Lauri.

In Elenia they are satisfied with the outcome and especially with the fact that the intranet’s “basic package” was implemented quickly due to the ready-to-go Valo Intranet package. “Due to the tight schedule we didn’t have any desire or capability to start defining the intranet from scratch. We wanted to have as much time as possible for creating the new, light structure and the actual content. For these reasons the ready-to-go intranet was chosen over other alternatives “, says Anttila.

Like any web service, Elenia’s intranet is never quite finished. “Next on the list is developing mobile use, forms and work progresses.”, Lauri sums up.

Elenia Ltd was founded in December 2011 to buy the electricity distribution and heating solutions of Vattenfall Finland. The deal was officially closed on the 10th of January 2012.

The Elenia corporation is formed by Elenia Ltd, a company which provides electricity distribution services, and it’s 100-percent owned affiliates Elenia Lämpö and financing company Elenia Finance Plc. The corporation’s main policy is to produce services in tight cooperation with local affiliates. Elenia’s working area is in central Finland and in the area of over a hundred municipalities.



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