Helsinki Business College goes Valo

Helsinki Business College Ltd. operates a private vocational college, the mission of which is to educate professionals and thereby support the development of working life. Helsinki Business College provides a versatile environment for studying for vocational qualifications in business and administration or business information and communication technology.

  • Industry: Education
  • Country: Finland
  • Year: 2016

The starting point of the project was the old intranet which the staff did not actively use.

New, bright and lovable Valo

Together with the new intranet, we also introduced new work spaces that serve the needs of different projects and groups. We can also invite external users to use workspaces.

Kirsi Suni
Communications Officer, Helsinki Business School

Memos of different appointments are now also easy to share and find. When all content can be edited simultaneously, we can quickly create documents and task lists for different meetings. In addition to new intranet, also Yammer came along.

It has replaced mailing lists and acts as a common instant messaging center for the whole organization that sees at a glance what the organization is talking about. The Yammer groups attached to workspaces have also received praise. Even the executive team has been enthusiastic about Yammer, Kirsi continues.

Towards the better digital work

The greatest thing has been to see how the Helsinki Business College has paid attention to each end user’s skill level along the project. In such big change projects too many people ignore those whose computer skills are the weakest and hence drift away from the trailer. This time, however, every decision and change was always reflected on the skills, habits and needs of the right users, says Anton Laine from the Blue Meteorite.

We always try to keep the customer up to date about what’s going to happen and what to do next. However, Valo Intranet is a far productized solution and that’s why we are able to predict the schedule of the various stages very carefully, says Kaisa Seppälä, Project Manager from the Blue Meteorite.


Valo Intranet is the most advanced ready-to-go intranet on the market and a pioneer in the digital work environment. You can choose Valo Intranet either as a Microsoft Office 365 cloud service or installed to the local on premises servers. We would be more than happy to guide you through all those new experiences.

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