Case Study Van Ree Accountants: Internal Communications & Information Management Transformed by Valo

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As a growing business, Van Ree Accountants found that their old intranet was no longer fulfilling their requirements.

They needed a new intranet where staff could access company news and information from a centralized source. In addition, they needed to organize their company documents and forms in a way that was easy to find and process.

  • Industry: Financial services
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Company size: <250

Starting point:

Although Van Ree Accountants had an existing intranet, it had become clear that it was no longer fit for purpose. The search function wasn’t powerful enough, only searching for documents by title, which meant staff wasted a lot of time trying to find the right information.

Also most of their internal communications was done via email which meant important information was often easy to miss.


Before the pandemic, Van Ree had invested in Microsoft365 and was keen to make the most of it. Valo Partner Yellow Arrow recommended Valo Intranet because it is built for Modern SharePoint and can be accessed via Microsoft Teams.

At the beginning of the pandemic, when the intranet was ready to be deployed, Van Ree rolled out remote training in Teams, so employees were ready to get started straight away.

  • Centralized communications hub for quick and easy access to company information
  • Powerful search function
  • Valo Digital Workplace App gives intranet access anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Efficient information management

Internal Communications Transformed by Valo

Introducing Valo Intranet has improved Van Ree’s internal comms by reducing reliance on email.

As a growing and ambitious business Van Ree’s need for a centralized internal communications hub, where employees could access the latest news and information quickly and easily, was also growing.

The organization was keen to keep staff informed about what was going on in the business without relying on email.

We used to send big and small news to our employees by e-mail. We also relied on phone calls to relay information. Today it is different. With Valo Intranet, the moment you log in you can see at a glance what you need to know and you can continue.

Improved search function saves time and effort

One of Van Ree’s main priorities for their new intranet was to improve their information management. Search was a key part of this. Although all the company’s documentation had been available on their old intranet, employees could only search by title, which meant time was wasted searching for the correct document.

With Valo’s powerful search function all this has changed, saving staff time and effort.

With Valo Intranet’s search function, we can now search not only for titles of documents, but also words within the documents themselves. This means we can get what we need in no time.

Automation of forms with Valo and MS Power Automate

As well as improving Van Ree’s internal comms and information management, Yellow Arrow has integrated Microsoft Power Automate to allow forms, such as a request for a lease car, to be completed and processed automatically via the intranet.

This is another aspect of the intranet which takes the pressure off staff to complete routine tasks, leaving them time spent on more complex tasks.


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