Case Study Silicon Austria Labs: Valo Intranet Quickly Promotes Cohesion After Company Merger

SAL Valo Intranet Company

After a merger, Austrian-based Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) doubled their staff. This meant they needed a new intranet platform to not only connect and introduce staff to each other, but to keep everyone up-to-date with basic information about the newly formed company.

  • Industry: Scientific Research
  • Country: Austria
  • Company Size: < 250 or Charity

Starting Point:

Silicon Austria Labs (SAL), from Graz, Austria, had gone from 37 employees to 93 employees due a merger, now totaling 140 employees. They wanted to consolidate channels for staff and provide them with a central hub for information for people now working from several locations.

Plus, they wanted a tool that would promote idea sharing and collaboration between the newly formed teams based in different locations.


Valo’s Partner ACP suggested Valo Intranet and Valo Idea Management to SAL. As they are built 100 percent on Office 365 and SharePoint, which SAL were already using, and could be customized, it would fit SAL’s exact needs.

And as ACP only had two months to implement a new platform, they knew Valo would be the perfect solution.

SAL are delighted with Valo’s customized digital workplace tools. Staff are now able to locate people and information quickly. As a result the company’s systems and processes have become transparent.


  • All company information can be found in one place
  • Valo Intranet includes an excellent search directory
  • There is more transparency at SAL and this has been received well
  • The growing team can quickly locate information to inform their daily work
  • It took only nine weeks from the kick-off workshop to installation

An intranet for information & content sharing

SAL is a forward-thinking European research center for electronics-based systems. They conduct global research and lead the way with pioneering new products and processes within the science and business sectors.

As a newly-formed and growing company with 140 employees, SAL wanted to support their teams by making information and content sharing easy. It was also vital that their staff, based in different locations, could search for and find each other swiftly.

SAL’s aim was to introduce a platform that would enhance communication and promote the sharing of information and ideas. Valo Partner ACP was commissioned to help them find the right solution, as they only had two months to implement it. They recommended Valo Intranet as it is built on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint and is easy to customize.

In-a-box intranet solution up and running only in nine weeks

ACP were given a short timeline to install the new digital workplace tools. Thanks to the Valo in-a-box solution, it took them just nine weeks from the kick-off workshop to installation.

In just two months, SAL has a new company-wide intranet system that is very popular and has been quickly adopted by all departments.

SAL Valo Intranet Company
SAL’s new Valo Intranet was up-and-running in no time.

Valo web parts easy to customize to fit customer needs

As two companies had recently joined together to become one, it was important that the new intranet introduced colleagues and departments to each other, and showed everyone who the leaders of each department are.

On top of the basic features Valo offers, ACP customized Valo Intranet’s People Directory function to create an organization chart. Now, when a person clicks on a department they are forwarded to the People Directory and can see all the people who work in that department.

SAL People Finder at Valo Intranet
SAL uses the People Finder and customized Organization Chart in Valo Intranet to fit their needs.

In addition, ACP customized Valo Intranet’s Birthday web part – turning it into a work anniversary web part instead.

SAL wanted to celebrate work anniversaries. So we transformed Valo’s Birthday web part to work anniversary web part. Which was easy to do. Now staff can see how long their colleagues have been working at the organization.

Transparency and collaboration

Another goal for SAL was to introduce transparency within the organization, which has certainly been achieved. Sharing is now a much smoother process. Staff are enjoying their new Valo Intranet and are positive about how it helps them on a daily basis. Team working is so much easier and ideation is fun with Valo Idea Management.

Valo has given us a company-wide platform which is the linchpin of our communications. It offers all our employees everywhere access to important content as well as our interactive organization chart, which shows our current research areas transparently and clearly.

SAL Valo Intranet mark and comms
With Valo Intranet’s page templates, it’s easy for anyone to create content with a unified look at SAL.

Valo Idea Management to collect ideas

On top of Valo Intranet, SAL was looking for something to share ideas effectively. Valo has a complementary ideation tool called Valo Idea Management, which has been designed to promote the collaboration and innovation process.

They needed Valo Idea Management because they were using email to share ideas – but this was proving ineffective. Email wasn’t up to the job. They wanted a central location where they could collect ideas – and Valo Idea Management was the right tool for the job.


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