Restel’s Intranet for Everyone

Restel Ltd is Finland’s largest hotel and restaurant operator. Geographically fragmented organization has to invest a great deal of effort into communication. Restel’s solution is an intranet designed for everyone, made by Valo concept.

Restel has approximately 240 restaurants, 45 hotels and a staff of more than 5 000 hotel and restaurant professionals, and the intranet is for everybody working at Restel. “Our principle is that every employee should visit the intranet at least once every work day, says Restel’s Internal Communication Planner Kirsi Kärkkäinen. The new intranet was created using Valo concept.

  • Industry: Consumer goods
  • Country: Finland
  • Size: >5000 users
  • Year: 2015

We liked the ready-made intranet model. As there was a template for the project, we knew that we were getting exactly what we were looking for.

Kai Nurmi
IT Manager, Restel Ltd.

Internal Communication Planner Kirsi Kärkkäinen agrees: ”We were really pleased with the way the project was progressing. The entire organization was able to infuence the end result thanks to the well led and organized workshops”.

Relevant Information for Everyone

The project especially focused on making information easy to find. An important aspect was to plan the targeting of information in order to avoid information overload. In parallel, content editing responsibilities were allocated. ”When visiting the intranet everyone can easily access the information that is relevant for them. Content is targeted according to business sector and concept”, says Kirsi Kärkkäinen.

In a staff of five thousand people there will be employee turnover, parental leaves and other changes. That’s why it was essential to design a practical contact directory and people search.

Now everyone can find information for every location and who’s responsible for what, all in one place.

Kirsi Kärkkäinen
Internal Communication Planner, Restel Ltd.

Creating a functional people search was a huge project combining information about chains, regions and people, information which is also needed in many other systems. ”Now we only have to update information in one place instead of in several different systems. This saves us a lot of administrative work”, says Kai Nurmi.

Shifts Start with an Intranet Visit

So is the intranet just for traditional knowledge workers, or does it reach the kitchens and the cashiers too? “Absolutely, the intranet is for everybody working at Restel. Our principle is that every employee should visit the intranet at least once every work day. There’s information about things like campaigns that everyone should know about”, Kirsi says.

She continues that ”we’re also working hard to make it natural for the whole staff to use the intranet daily”. As a result, workspaces are now being actively used and documents are no longer edited over e-mail and network drives. The next step is social tools.


Photo: Restel Ltd

The Restel group comprises approximately 240 restaurants and 45 hotels. Revenue in 2014 was 386,2 M€. The company employs over 5 000 hotel and restaurant professionals in Finland.


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