What people like about Valo Intranet?

what people say about valo

Valo attended SharePoint Saturday Munich 2015 conference for the first time. The event was fantastic overall and full of learning and networking. We had a chance to get feedback from our booth visitors who got to experienced how Valo Intranet works. Conversations were delightful!

Few weeks ago me and my colleague, software developer Jouni Poikolainen participated in SharePoint Saturday Munich conference. We had a great opportunity to meet SharePoint experts and influencers face to face and follow awesome keynotes. For example, I listened inspirational Marwan Tarek’s keynote speech about Stories for the field on how to build an engaging intranet. Thank you @marwantarek for emphasizing that intranet project is always people project.

valo meets sharepoint saturday munich
The best part of our Saturday were insightful conversations with other attendees.


Valo is easy to use and adopt

There were many visitors spending time at our booth and we were pleased to introduce them a demo of Valo Intranet and our latest user interface, the fantastic Lumen. We got really good feedback of our intranet product.

Our intranet looks shitty, but this one I would really like to use!

Booth Visitor during Valo demo

Many people appreciated Valo’s modern user interface and usability improvements compared to standard SharePoint. Here few examples:

  • Breadcrumb navigation helps users to understand and navigate Valo Intranet’s hierarchy and determine the current location within the site.
  • Pinned news and information grouped by topic makes it easier to find the information that interests employees.
  • Automated workspace creation is a collaborative workspace for teamwork with only a few clicks.
  • User-centered design supports users to perform their work tasks faster, better and more easily.
  • Responsive layout that work on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop screens.

Valo is technically strong

There were also people who were interested in Valo from a technical point of view and here are a few highlights for you about our modern SharePoint development. We’ve transformed from full-trust code to add-ins. This means for example that when we install Valo Intranet, we use remote provision techniques instead of using legacy feature framework functions. Now we can easily move customers to the next version of SharePoint and offer them continual updates! Valo Intranet’s code is audited by Microsoft. Want to know more? Read our Customer Story from Microsoft’s website.

valo intranet spsmuc

Lastly, I want to thank the organizers, volunteers and speakers of #SPSMuc! You really worked hard and made an incredible event! We had an amazing time and got enough beer too ;) Here is also another look back at this fantastic day including more pictures and speaker’s presentations. Vielen Dank and see you next year!

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