Discover the Essentials of a Modern Site Architecture

Forget what you have learned in the past! Best practices for designing an Information Architecture have completely changed with modern SharePoint!

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A well planned-out SharePoint Information Architecture is the backbone of your SharePoint environment and helps create a maintainable, intuitive, and usable system that enables user adoption. 

This eBook by Microsoft MVP Joanne Klein will get you up to speed on the latest innovations in Office 365, and teach you how a modern Information Architecture should be done! 

This eBook will tell you:

  • What is a flat information architecture? 
  • Advantages of moving away from sub sites
  • What are Hub sites and why do we need them
  • Implementing a navigation in modern SharePoint
  • How to start making the switch from a “classic” Information Architecture to a modern one

Begin your journey towards discovering exactly what you need to know about the future of your SharePoint Information Architecture!

Author of the eBook Joanne C Klein
Microsoft MVP, SharePoint and Office 365 Consultant

About the Author: Joanne C Klein

As an owner of NexNovus Consulting, Joanne works with clients of all sizes and industry verticals in both SharePoint On-premises and Online.

She provides clients with clarity about the benefits of SharePoint, Office 365, building sustainable site and information architectures.