Valo Webinar: Add chatbots and AI for everyday wins

Apr 26 2018

Valo Webinar -add chatbot and AI for everyday wins

Artificial Intelligence, AI  – from automating tasks to being a central source of knowledge. Sounds cryptic but it’s not that difficult to cash in on this new technology to improve processes, knowledge management, productivity, and customer engagement -without any code needed!

This Valo webinar was held Thursday April 26, 2 PM EDT / 20:00 CEST! 

Terms like chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive services are hot topics in today’s tech world and therefore we are joining our forces with  Matt Wade, a chatbot nerd consulting internationally on Office 365 migration and adoption. He’s recently found himself neck deep in AI and bots and surely is your man to tell about the topic!

In this 1-hour, free Valo Webinar you’ll:

  • hear examples of practical applications of using bots in Office 365 to make your colleagues’ and customers’ days easier and more productive
  • learn language understanding with LUIS, knowledge sharing with QnA Maker, and process automation with Flow. 

The webinar was recorded. Go and check our YouTube playlist for all Valo Webinars!


Speaker: Matt Wade from AtBot

Matt Wade is an engineer-turned IT/chatbot nerd and Microsoft MVP. His career began designing mechanical systems for nuclear reactors for the US Navy. SharePoint 2007 rolled out soon after and he leveraged it to organize design documents, contracts, and drawings dating back decades; for better or worse, a new power user was born. The IT department needed some help, so he led adoption for a few years following, including the user adoption sides of upgrading to SharePoint 2013. Next, he spent a couple years in the US Virgin Islands where he led the organization’s migration from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online. Today he consults internationally on Office 365 migration and adoption. He’s recently found himself neck deep in AI and bots. He’s worked in environments ranging from government to private sector; fewer than one hundred users to thousands; strictly secure to eh-good-enough; custom to out-of-the-box; snowed-in to palm tree-laden. 

Save your virtual seat to this the Free Valo webinar at Thursday April 26, 2 PM EDT / 20:00 CEST!


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