Valo Webinar: How to boost intranet adoption for your end users

Apr 18 2018

Valo webinar intranet adoption

Do you want to avoid the pitfalls in intranet adoption process?

Watch the webinar!

Jussi Mori,together with Valo’s Product Evangelist Sébastien Levert, share you the secrets how to avoid pitfalls in user adoption when implementing an intranet to use!

The agenda for the 1-hour webinar is:

  • What are the challenges of User Adoption in Office 365
  • Applied demo of user adoption
  • How Valo & Cloudriven’s Happit can help boost your user adoption
  • Q&A

Speaker – Jussi Mori from Cloudriven

Jussi Mori Valo webinar co-host

Jussi Mori is is passionate about making User Adoption better in the age of digitalisation. He’s Product Evangelist and Managing Partner at Cloudriven GmbH, always trying to look beyond the borders of the box and try to find solutions for problems happening in the business world on a daily base.

Jussi is main organizer of SharePoint Saturdays Helsinki and Zurich and also the main lead of the Microsoft 365 User Group in Zurich Switzerland.

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