Virtual Launch: Valo Connect NA

Oct 29 2020

Meet Valo Team + Valo Partner

Introducing Valo Connect: the world’s first software that brings all your workplace software together inside Microsoft Teams.

You’ve already done the hard work and learned how to collaborate and work remotely using SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. With Valo Connect, you can now complete the picture and consolidate all these tools, plus more, all together.

That means you can browse your company intranet, the internet, find and fill out forms and documentation, send them to your colleagues in real time, live video meetings, plan your next project, send feedback and new ideas out to relevant departments and work as a team, whether you are remote or onsite, all from the comfort of Microsoft Teams.

Join Sébastien Levert (Product Lead at Valo, Microsoft MVP) and Special Guest Noorez Khamis (VP Technology at Creospark, Microsoft MVP) to discover how Valo Connect can help you to consolidate your entire enterprise portal into an easy, manageable and customizable one-stop-shop!
Valo Connect and my news
What: Hear how Microsoft Teams can be made far more effective and can accommodate all your “new normal” workday needs in one place
Time: 1:00pm ET – 2:00pm ET (October 29th, 2020)
Where: Online – register below to receive your email and link
Cost: Free – and you’re invited!
Who: Anyone shaping the future of digital workplaces and/or employee experiences, or anyone who has an interest in improving efficiency and productivity at work, home or school.

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