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All the features you need to take your digital workplace on top of Microsoft’s Office 365, SharePoint, and Teams to the next level. Valo Solutions are quick to deploy, easy-to-use and beautiful to look at.

increase internal communications with microsoft intranet

all the best intranet features in-a-box

Valo Intranet

All the must-have features for intranet on Office 365 or SharePoint Server. Choose the base package for easy news publishing, important messages, and event center. Complement with add-ons and other Valo Solutions for more demanding enterprise needs.


Event Hub

Keep track of upcoming internal events, conferences or recurring webinars.


Valo FAQ includes a dynamic, user-friendly UI and question categories. Create dedicated FAQs as needed.

Important Messages

Make sure your important announcements get attention using important messages that will appear on top of your site.

Mobile App for iOS and Android

For Fresh subscribers, our free mobile app supports localization, push notifications and more.

News Publishing

Target news by audiences. Engage people with comments and likes. Add images with drag & drop function.

Open Positions

Introduce the best people to the right jobs by using our in-house recruiting tools.

Page Templates

Intuitive page templates have everything necessary in place, so you can focus on the content.


Publish and analyze quick polls on the Intranet to get insight from your valued employees.


Utilizing SharePoint’s powerful search experience, locating relevant information is easy and fast.


Customize your Intranet UI with one of our 3 pre-made templates: Candela, Lux and Lumen.

Quick Links

Navigate quickly to promoted content via the Intranet front page shortcuts.


Focus on user adoption, content, and analytics with Analytics and Editor Dashboard that gives you overview of the most-visited pages and news and instant access to content you’ve created.


Localize your Intranet with our 20+ supported languages out-of-the-box


Find and learn more about your co-workers with People Finder and People Directory.


Share engaging social content, videos, and blogs with features including Valo Blogs, Social Hub, Video, and yammer integration. Note: some features are available on Office365 only.

Valo Connect App & Team Tabs

features for custom enterprise portal in microsoft teams

Valo Connect

Create an extensive digital workplace platform inside Microsoft Teams. Take advantage of the endless integration possibilities to build a custom enterprise portal with the digital tools your staff needs and love.


Connect Me

Your personalized dashboard inside Microsoft Teams, all in one frame.

Automatic deep linking

Works with any Data/IM and Voice. Automatically deep link everything.

Central experience for personal apps

Create as many Personal Apps as required to meet the needs of different audiences.

Choose the theme

Use your existing theme or blend it with the Teams theme.


Available together with SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.

Endless integration possibilities

Embed any Power App, SharePoint page, or 3rd party web application.

Enterprise Search

Extended search beyond Teams to cover your whole SharePoint.

Extend the Page Context

Find Team related properties and extend your experience with the Graph API, Search etc..

Extensive My News

Bring all the most important news utilizing user-profiles and RSS-feed to My News.

People Directory

Search for any of your colleagues using filtering based on location, department, title..

Pre-configured navigation tabs

Control over initial configured Micorosft Teams tabs and let your teams choose which ones to take in use

Support of any SharePoint page

Easily configure your team to get data from Pages and Web parts

Valo Intranet

Embed your favorite features and web parts from your Valo Intranet.

Available as part of Valo Intranet's Fresh subscription

valo teamwork is a team collaboration tool at its best

features for easier digital collaboration

Valo Teamwork

Whether you use Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or both, Valo Teamwork offers provisioning, governance, and lifecycle management to support you in creating project teams that are as unique as your business needs.



See all your Groups in one intuitive dashboard, with one-click access to the tools you use – e.g. the Teams conversation or the Document Library.


Get an overview of all your files from across all your Groups in a single place.

Group Analytics

Group trends and analytics for the administrators to keep on track of the trends in your organization’s usage of tools.

Lifecycle Management

Archive unused groups and sites and make them read-only, and delete content that is no longer needed to keep your collaboration space up-to-date.

Microsoft 365 Groups

Create different configurations for different groups in your organization (e.g. projects, teams, and interest groups) – with approval for creation.

Microsoft Teams integration

Access directly through both Teams Client and as part of your Intranet. Create automatically Teams with predefined settings, channels, tabs, and documents.

Microsoft Teams Templates

Create ready-made templates for your different types of teams, including the channels, tabs (with settings), Planner plans and OneNote notebooks.

Team and Site Templates

Use Templates to set the Channel and Tab structure to your Team, as well as industry-standard PnP Templating to determine the structure of your SharePoint site.

Term Set Metadata

Define your own metadata structure to categorize your groups by e.g. Business Area, Location, or Language.

Enterprise metadata

Handle complex metadata scenarios – show and handle e.g. Project Start and Project End Date, Project Manager, Keywords.

SharePoint Sites

Include any SharePoint sites in the view (Bring Your Own Query), not just Groups.

fall in love with co-innovation wirth valo ideas

features for innovation management

Valo Ideas

Ideation tool right within Microsoft Teams! From idea lifecycle, promoting teams’ messages to ideas to the visual dashboard for decision-makers, Valo Ideas is an easy-to-use innovation tool for transparent and inclusive ideation. Included in Valo Intranet subscription.


Idea lifecycle

Manage the journey of an idea from the initial lightbulb moment to collaboration and execution.

Analytics and gamification

Track idea trends across your organization and along with top contributors and most popular ideas.

Categorise, filter and process ideas

Keep ideas organized and find them easily.

Dashboard for decision makers

See which ideas get the most support and contribution and prioritise implementing those.

Mobile support for innovating on the go

The best ideas pop when you least expect them to. As Valo Ideas runs on Microsoft Teams, logging ideas anywhere, anytime, is possible.

valo extranet - what extranets are for

features for extranet solution

Valo Extranet

Engage and keep your external stakeholders up-to-date with news, events and other features familiar from the loved Valo Intranet.


Extranet for Office 365

Available on Office 365.


Keep your external stakeholders up-to-date and engaged with your events, whether they’re live or online.


Give your important announcements more attention by using important messages that will appear on top of each of your sites.

Important messages

Make sure important information won’t get unnoticed with Important Messages.

News publishing

Share news and add images to them with the drag and drop function. Engage people with comments and likes.

Open positions

Need to expand your workforce? Search for the best potential from your external stakeholders that already knows your business.

Page Templates

Build templates for your content editors to ensure the company look and feel throughout the Extranet.


Publish and analyze quick polls on your Extranet to get insights from your external stakeholders.

Quick Links

Offer a quick way to navigate to important content promoted on the Extranet front page.


Customize your Extranet UI with one of our two pre-made templates: Lux or Candela.


Utilizing SharePoint’s powerful search experience locating relevant information is easy and fast.


Focus on user adoption, content, and analytics with Admin Toolpack.


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