Buyers’ Guide: SharePoint Intranets In-a-box 2019 Report by ClearBox


The latest buyers’ guide to intranet products for SharePoint and Office 365 is out! Valo Intranet is featured too!

In a new guide to “Intranet-in-a-box” solutions, ClearBox has ranked Valo Intranet as the market’s ‘Intranet Choice – Value‘ SharePoint based intranet for the second year in a row. Up against the other intranet in-a-box solutions built on top of SharePoint, Valo continues offering the best value for money!

It is the fourth time ClearBox is publishing their annual report on SharePoint Intranets. This year’s report includes 39 in-depth reviews plus 17 additional cataloged, and comparison tables between different solution providers with pros and cons.

A comprehensive guide with 39 in-depth reviews to turn-key intranet solutions that helps buyers navigate this ever-growing intranet space.

If you are looking for a new intranet solution or if there is an ongoing discussion about your intranet renewal project, this is the report to get insightful information on intranets and digital workplaces!

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The report is an independent comparison from ClearBox Consulting of leading intranets for SharePoint and Office 365. It is a comprehensive guide to turn-key intranet solutions that helps buyers navigate this ever-growing intranet space.


If you want to learn even more, check these out:

  • We interviewed Clearbox’s Intranet Consultant, Sam Marshall, and asked him about how the intranets in-a-box market stacks up. Take a look the article to understand 1) where do the intranet in-a-box solutions that are built on top of SharePoint stand now? 2) What is good and what is still lacking? 3) How intranets are evolving and how SharePoint (and Office 365) is responding? 4) What is Valo’s role in the intranet space?
  • Watch the interesting video about the three challenges in a digital workplace by Sam Marshall.

We are very proud that Clearbox ranked Valo Intranet as the winner of the ‘Best Value For Your Money‘ solution! Study more from the comprehensive intranet report and book a Valo Intranet demo to try it out in your organization!


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