All 5 of Valo’s Microsoft MVPs Renew Their Status

MVPs, or more commonly identified as Most Valuable Players, represent a group of individuals who excel, typically, in sports. However, Microsoft has adopted the acronym, made it their own and applied it to the world of tech, specifically when it comes to Microsoft product offerings. Why bring this up? Well here at Valo Intranet, we are fortunate to have 5 MVPs working with us to bring you the best intranet experience out there! We are excited to announce that all 5 of our Microsoft MVPs have renewed their status!

Who Are Microsoft MVPs?

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, celebrities of the Microsoft business world, are technology experts who are pivotal to the community, each with their respective specialties. With 3,000 technical experts and community leaders across 90 countries, MVPs are always willing to help! Their product knowledge combined with their passion and determination is what makes them such invaluable members of the community.

What’s The Point of an MVP?

Our MVPs are always helping us use the latest technologies, as well as understand the direction Microsoft is headed. This allows us to consistently offer the best solutions and gives us insights that cement our position as industry leaders.

Get to Know Our MVPs

Vlad Catrinescu Award Categories: Cloud and Datacenter Management, Office Servers and Services First year awarded: 2013 Number of MVP Awards: 5 Certifications: MCT,MCSE,MCSA,MCITP,MCTS,MS,MCP Blog: Absolute SharePoint  “I am super excited and honored to be renewed as a Microsoft MVP in Office Servers and Services, for the 5th year in a row, and to be awarded the MVP award in Cloud and Datacenter management for the first time! I am really lucky to work with four other MVPs at Valo, as well as multiple other amazing developers and consultants that push me to learn more every day.  Both the SharePoint and PowerShell communities are truly amazing, and I am looking forward to being even more active in the upcoming year!”   Sébastien Levert Award Categories: Office Development First year awarded: 2014 Number of MVP Awards: 4 Certifications: MCP,MCTS,MCSA,MCPD,MCITP Blog: SebastienLevert  “Working closely with the SharePoint community is always rewarding. I’ve never seen such a dynamic technical community! The MVP award is just the result of my passion for helping others and sharing my knowledge!”     Elio Struyf Award Categories: Office Servers and Services First year awarded: 2015 Number of MVP Awards: 4 Certifications: MCTS, MCPD, MCP Blog:  “Getting renewed as an MVP by Microsoft always gives me a great feeling. It gives me the energy to keep doing what I’m doing, do better and, of course, I love it. Working so closely with the team and connecting with people all around the world is such great fun.”   Knut Relbe-Moe Award Categories: Office Servers and Services First year awarded: 2015 Number of MVP Awards: 4 Certifications: MCSA, MCSE, MCT Blog: Knut’s Blog “I’m so grateful and exited to be renewed as a Microsoft MVP in Office Servers and Services for the 4th year. This community is so great! I am humbled and honored to be one of the MVP’s in this community. I love to travel around and share my knowledge with the community and this means so much to me. Even if I think I have done enough to keep my MVP status, I still freak out the last day before we get the “verdict”. Also, working with all the other MVPs in Valo is a dream come true. I love the community and can’t wait to continue to share my knowledge and give back.”     Alexey Sadomov Award Categories: Office Servers and Services First year awarded: 2011 Number of MVP Awards: 8 Certifications: PhD in mathematics and computer science, MCTS (70-541, 70-542) Blog: Sadomovalex’s Blog “Great team, great people and a great product. What else is needed to feel happy at work? Great community to share your experiences with and get more knowledge from! Like they say in the MVP program, sharing is caring and I’m happy to be a part of this global technical care community”

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Join the strongest intranet team in the industry! Don’t take it from us, listen to what one of our MVPs had to say!

Looking for a dream job? Working with the Valo Intranet team has been the best working experience of my entire career! If you’re a software developer w/ Office 365 Dev, SPFx, AzureFunctions, Typescript, Electron, or MicrosoftGraph skills, apply here!

Sébastien Levert, Product Evangelist & Partner Manager

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